Maleficent Party


The untold story of Maleficent is an amazing and powerful one- did you see the movie?! It was amazing!   It quickly became just as popular as Sleeping Beauty.  So of course, there will be parties thrown in Maleficent's honor- full of black, purple, and green!  The bird under her power makes an appearance in the branches, as well as the dragon that he turns into later on in the story -the … [Read more...]

S’mores Brownies – Recipe & Tutorial

S'mores Brownies - Easy and SO good!

yeah. your gonna need to make these. like today. summer may be over but this s'mores train keeps right on into fall baby. no campfire? no problem. bake up a batch of these s'mores brownies and you will feel like you reliving your best summer nights (without all the actually camping) i first made these for a group of my hubby's work colleagues and it went over so well i decided to share them here! … [Read more...]


Be the Good 1

' the ones who are crazy enough to think that they CAN change the world, are the ones who DO ' - steve jobs well steve. call me crazy. and lets get changing already! today i'm sharing with you about a fun & viral campaign happening RIGHT NOW that you can be a part of. a campaign to change the world! are you crazy enough to join us?! BE THE GOOD i have been challenged by and … [Read more...]

Cooking with kids: Easy creamy crockpot chicken and rice!

Chicken and Rice Supreme Recipe

this is a sponsored post on behalf of Mars UNCLE BEN'S® but all photos & opinions are my own! crazy schedules are back....with soccer, back to school night, & church activities filling up our evenings, it feels like we are always scrambling for dinner when we walk in the door!  after a few days i realized it was time for a new plan - so we started trying out some crockpot recipes. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Rustic Glam Wedding


Gold, peach, and mint.  Talk about a dreamy color combination.  Missy and Kristen of Sweetly Chic Events & Designs poured their heart and soul into making a gorgeous wedding reception for a couple and those are the colors they used.  The dessert table was dressed up with a beautiful naked cake, which seems to be growing quite popular these days.  Cookies, cake pops, and yummy looking … [Read more...]

DIY Kids Art Gallery Walls


Ever wonder what to do with all of the masterpieces that the little ones create for you? If you have piles and piles of colorings, drawings and paintings of all kinds from your kids at home, then today is the day to get your creativity flowing! I've got some great ideas pulled together to help display your little one's artwork without it seeming like they're just hung on the fridge.  Using some … [Read more...]

Southwest Quinoa Ranch Salad

Southwest Ranch Quinoa Salad

quinoa. it took a while for me to come around to this little guy but now i'm a huge fan and use it all the time - like in my mango pulled pork tacos. quinoa is high in fiber, protein, and iron so its a nutritious addition to your diet. i whipped up this southwest quinoa ranch salad and took it to a recent park playdate - the moms all gave it the thumbs up! it is nutritious, easy, and yummy so i … [Read more...]

TMNT Party

TMNT party ideas!

this post is sponsored by Target but all opinions and photos are my own. cowabunga dude! it's TMNT time!! last week i posted about patton's first day of school - and like i said... i tend to roll with a theme... i anticipated that it would be an emotional and stressful day, so i planned a little party for him! something he could look forward to despite some of the school nerves he would be … [Read more...]

Patton’s First Day of School!

Patton's 1st day of school

this post is sponsored by Target but all photos and opinions are my own. it's here. his long awaited & much anticipated first day of school. we have toured the school, prepped his teachers on all his medications, talked about rules, labeled his lunchbox with his allergies, and said lots of prayers. in the days leading up to school he has shown a bit of anxiety - asking all sorts of … [Read more...]

Back to school lunches

Back to school lunches premium line of lunch meat

this post is written on behalf of Hillshire Farm. Opinions & photos (as always) are 100% my own! back to school lunches! are you excited???? i know, i know. its probably exciting for the first two weeks when you make those cute shaped sandwiches and bento boxes with cheese cut like a kitten and cucumbers like a rose. well lets get real. i gave up after the first two days. its time for some … [Read more...]

{Party} Nautical Lobster Party – part 2

Patton's Nautical Crab and Lobster Birthday Party

like i said... i took a few pics of his lobster party! if you are starting with this post you have to SEE PART ONE of the party HERE!  SEE PART ONE OF THE PARTY HERE   Oriental Trading balloons, lobster earrings, crab signs, lobster and crabs, netting, candy containers, red lanterns, soft crab hats, diy crab hat activity, anchor tote … [Read more...]

{Party} Nautical Lobster Party

Nautical Crab and Lobster Birthday Party

my little man is FOUR! what?! how did this happen? i swear i was just swaddling him... when did he turn into this little guy with personality and opinions? its NO secret that he has an obsession with lobsters and crabs. need evidence? here, here, and here. people will probably look at this party and think 'what 4 year old wants a nautical party with lobsters? she probably picked that theme … [Read more...]

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