{our parties} POTTY PARTY! a potty training party

{our parties}

potty party

{a potty training party}

a potty party to potty train your kids!
in my quest to potty train my daughter i came across a philosophy to
“potty train in a day”
 part of the advice was to “throw them a potty party”…
well when i see party i sort of tend to go over the top.
so that’s what i did.
i invited all of her friends over who were “in training”
& their personal trainers- the moms –for a Potty party!
i looked everywhere for potty charts & things to make it a CUTE special occasion
for them. but alas, i found none.
so i designed the printables to go with this party :)
{ALL printables are HERE}
{ALL supplies are HERE}
{DIY post will come soon!}
here is the invitation i sent

here are all the party pics :)

#1 & #2
Potty Party Details
Food & refreshment:
Cake and Underwear cookies
Yogurt Parfait with coconut
Yogurt dipped pretzels with pink and blue icing drizzle
Popcorn cones
Pink lemonade & Blue Koolaid in “I gotta go” juice cups! {you are supposed to get them to drink a lot so they will have to go all day!}
Moms drank “ personal trainer” water bottles
“I’m a big kid” picture frames
Printable Potty Party Set
Toilet Paper Wreath
Totsie rolls in toilet mug – amazon.com
Party hats
Diaper Toss – Peace out papmers! – Kids threw their diapers in the trash never to be used again!
Potty pedi – Girls got a pedicure from your mommy while waiting on the potty!
Each Kid got two favor bags – a #1 and a #2…. With corresponding treats to their respective actions… Yellow jelly beans and tootsie rolls!
They also each received a potty chart & a sticker sheet
Vendors & Creative input by:
Creative Juice – photography, concept, & styling
Lynlee’s Pettie Cakes– cupcake toppers
Traylor Made Treats – cake and cookies
Cali Cooking Couple – pretzels, snacks, & yogurt cups
they are all potty trained now!
happy entertaining
{& potty training}
mindy starr
please do not use any of these copyrighted photos withouth expressed permission from Creative Juice


  1. That is awesome!! What a fun party. I’m totally going to try the pedicure as we’re on day 14. . . . Congrats on potty training!!!

  2. I am speechless! Pure genius! This is so awesome!!
    You know what I’m gonna ask…I’m dying to feature this in Soiree Day!!

    • you are welcome to feature this now if you like!! let me know when & i can email you a link to the original pics!

    • I’m sorry I’m just now seeing your response! Thanks for not forgetting me!
      My, my, my! I must say I’m a little shocked at the negative comments your creative party got! I agree with others, you handled it with much class, bravo girl.
      You know the negative comments make me sad. My mother has been doing potty parties for a couple of years now for her grandchildren and just tonight I showed her and my sister your party and they loved it. No, none of her parties are as fancy as yours but in my opinion the fanciness doesn’t matter…it’s the moment that’s celebrated that does. I understand, like you said, where people are coming from. But I choose to live my life in the positive because life is slipping away. The first party my mom gave was to one of my nephews who had such a hard time training that when he finally got it, we as a family wanted to show how proud we were of him and thus a party. What’s wrong with celebrating an accomplishment? In your own way? Thank you again for your classiness and for your creativity.

  3. Can’t get over all the super-creative AND adorable party details! How clever are all those signs, sweet treats, and activities–all revolving around the theme?!

  4. Just had a chance to catch up on some party blogs…and I LoVe this! LoVe a girl who can take a unique theme and RoCK it! Adore.

  5. i have no idea how i stumbled upon your blog, but this is AWESOME! :) love it.

    new follower!

    Megan @ http://www.theburtonsspot.blogspot.com

  6. This is the most adorable thing ever.

  7. OH MY GOSH I love this party. So creative. I’ve definitely never seen a Potty Party. LOVE it.

  8. Super cute “potty”! Best of all, it worked! Smiles, Jill

  9. Looks like the boy on the far right is trying to go in his underwear.

  10. If you’re going to throw such a ridiculously over-the-top party for your obviously spoiled child, AND blog about it, please use the correct “you’re”, as in “toss those diapers, YOU’RE a big kid now”

  11. If I ever accept an invite to a Potty Party, I think I will have to use my “Big Girl Words” before I punch myself in the face. Does everything have to be a huge celebration? Are we going to have to have parties to congratulate a child for looking both ways before crossing the road? The reward is not getting hit by a car; no party is needed. Same with potty training: the reward is not walking around with a wet pair of oversized plastic underwear– oh, and being able to do things like go to school.

    You are very creative (and have WAY too much time on your hands), but couldn’t you use your talents for something more meaningful and important?

    • Amen

    • Werd

    • To HamletScrummef… maybe you shouldn’t read the blog!!! You are an a**hole! Jealous because you couldn’t do this yourself, probably couldn’t even afford to throw a regular birthday party. You’re that person who shops at Party City and thinks you’re so rad… Get a life and stop being jealous because Mindy HAS the time and ability to do more for her kids than you could ever! YOU HAVE WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS if you could take the time and be so stupid to write such crappy things about a wonderful friend of mine. You really should just go away!

    • Miranda you have made an awful lot of assumptions there and while I am one to normally leave others to their own opinions, when it comes to some opinion foundations then I feel the need to speak up. What does being able to afford to throw a regular birthday party have to do with anything? The implication being that those who can’t are terrible parents? Low lifes? Unworthy of their own opinions? And what is so wrong about shopping at Party City if one chooses to do so? I agree that people shouldn’t be attacking the choice of a themed party but they can certainly have an opinion on it and the choice to try to cut someone down by essentially calling them poor and uncreative and trying to make them feel bad if they don’t have the amount of time and ability they wished they had for their own children is just mean. Like high school, cheerleader mother, snobby mean. Totally not cool.

  12. Underwear ARE cool.

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  14. Question — are you going to throw a party for Aubrey when she gets her first period?

    • Wow. It was a question. If one can have a party for normal body functions such as urination and defecation, I wondered if one would throw a party for a first period. We throw parties for women who manage to get engaged and get pregnant, so why not a party for first period? After all, like getting married and having a baby, potty training and menstruation both are milestones in a girl’s life, no?

      You are very vicious and nasty.

    • And I will continue to be vicious and nasty till YOU people get a life. Losers! Funny thing is, her fan base has shot up…. I guess we’re all the crazy ones since we find happiness and comfort in giving our kids great memories. Hey, if you wanna throw a first period party? Well be my guest! It’ll just come out crappy since crappy things come from crappy people!

    • Miranda, I don’t know you but you are obviously a very supportive friend. Calm down – these people are not worth the rage.

      As for the period party – I have to say that my daughter was a bit jealous or left out when one friend was preparing for her Bat Mitzvah (sp?) and another was preparing for her Quincierra (sp?). Both are traditional “coming of age” celebrations – the first for Jewish girls and the second for Hispanic girls. These celebrations originated with the fact that girls normally become women around this time of their lives (i.e. start their periods) and 1. would be responsible to God from now on and/or 2. be eligible for marriage. My daughter and I decided to throw a Henna party for her “coming of age” celebration. While not directly celebrating her menstrual cycle, it was something of a “rite of passage” celebration and was very cool.

      Yes, the author of this blog went over the top in celebrating her daughter’s successful potty training. But isn’t that her right as a parent to teach that life’s accomplishments can be celebrated in a fun way and include friends? She didn’t hurt anyone nor did she waste a lot of money (although it is also her right to spend her money how she sees fit).

      Can’t we just live and let live people? There are so many negative, hurtful things out there – let this lady and her friends celebrate their lives!

  15. Did people not get invited due to hair/eye color? What a competition it is to be a mother these days. Even their friends must be color coordinated. What an excellent message to send to kids.

  16. hmmm. some people need to learn if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    • amen.
      I read “People I want to punch in the throat” too – but you guys don’t have to be so mean to this woman who had a party for her kid and wrote about it. If you don’t like it – just don’t do it! Good for you for blogging. It’s hard to keep blogging and putting yourself out there. Everybody should stop judging. Calling people competimoms, etc. is just as bad as being a competitive mom. In fact it IS being a competitive mom – it’s saying, “I’m better than you because I don’t do X.” Well guess what – you’re judging and judging yourself as better. Maybe this gal likes parties and making stuff. Guess what – kids like parties too so she’s not “ruining’ her kid. I don’t see any toddlers in tiaras here. Do what you love people. If you want to diss it – then do it on the punch blog – not here.

    • “like”

    • Amen…
      I smiled reading the blog post and gawked at the negative comments. :(

      Bottom line: Her child is potty trained, which was the purpose of the party. The party might have helped speed that process. If not, it helped create warm family memories.

  17. Wow! some people have their panties in a wad. Unclench please!

    I think this is adorable and as a parent who just potty trained my daughter using the 3 day method (day 3 of no accidents, yay!) I would so love to do the same for my daughter, except I am exhausted!!! Potty training is like bootcamp for mommy. Ooh, maybe instead of a potty pay for my daughter I should schedule a potty training spa day! 😉

  18. Wow…I’ve never seen such an incredible waste of time and money in my life. I’m all for a good party…but this is ridiculous. If you want to celebrate potty training…take all that money and your leftovers diapers and donate them to a children’s home or battered women’s shelter and teach your child to celebrate by paying it forward, instead of teaching them that every NORMAL milestone is party worthy. And we wonder whhy the younger generation has a huge sense of entitlement?

    • this party costed me about $25. everything was donated or designed by me.
      what is ironic about your commet karli is that creative juice donated a large amount of handmade items to raise money for our local battered womens shelter this christmas. the event raised over $100,000.

    • I have to call bull on your $25 comment. I went to the link for the hat’s alone and for one hat it was $7…you bought 4. Do the math. Unless, like everything else, you received them for free…which doesn’t mean it didn’t waste money (or time, but that’s a whole other issue). It still cost people money, maybe not you, but please, $25? That’s kind of a joke.

    • i did NOT buy 4. hello!?! that is MY etsy. i SELL the ones i MAKE. the OVERHEAD for those is much less! – its mostly to cover shipping that they cost $7.
      it did cost about $25 — don’t believe it if you don’t want to. Toilet paper is pretty cheap :) even if it was charmin.

      • But would it cost everyone else only $25 to do? By giving links you expect others to pay, but you just make yourself and sell for a high profit? A paper hat for $7? I hope they are only sold in bulk, or you get at least 5 !!!! Its a 1cent party hat! U just admitted how cheap they are to make! Why would i buy it and pay for an overpriced party hat?!

    • Hey jealous women… Get a life and figure Crap out before you open mouth and insert foot again! See in this line of business we actually LIKE each other and not be a**holes because we are jealous…. We do things called trades.. so yes, we CAN spend so little and give our kids awesome memories…. Idiots, just idiots…

  19. wow, this is a really dumb party… Karli has an awesome recommendation

  20. And people wonder why kids walk around with entitlement issues these days …..

    • ^ yeah that

    • Jealous much? Must suck to know all you could ever throw would be a Walmart party, MAYBE A Party City one…. Lol!!

    • I’m kind of thinking that Miranda, at this point, needs lots and lots and lots of medication / medical care. Surely you have access, right Miranda? Please – for the sake of society. Get some help. And if for some reason that’s not an option, I will over you this: Save the planet/Kill yourself.

  21. lol i love it. you all make fun of me for having too much time on my hands. at least i did it to do something fun for my kid & my mom friends instead of using my time to read a mean blog & leave nasty comments!! and a period party? thats a good idea. i’ll add that to my list. then you can all come back to my site and drive up my traffic again :)
    and i enjoy gramar errors. its part of my shtick. along with spelling errors.

    ps it was FUNNY!!! & super fun to plan. get over it.
    pss – what is ironic about your commet karli is that creative juice donated a large amount of handmade items to raise money for our local battered womens shelter this christmas. the event raised over $100,000. check your facts.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Dude. I don’t even know what to say.

  24. I better get credit for the period party, lady!

    • lol i will give you credit!
      check back in 10 years and it will be there lol! {aubrey is my oldest… unless i get hired by a client to do one – which could be awkward.}

  25. Mindy I <3 you for waking up to all these nasty comments from people who can't see the humor of it all, and don't even have the first clue that this is your BUSINESS (and I don't mean the business of #1 and #2 lol). I would not have been able to handle it so well. All this talk about ruining your children... geez if their children grow up to act like they are, WHO is ruining children again? You ROCK. That is all.

  26. I think everyone should worry about themselves & stop being so mean! Don’t read the blog if it makes you angry. I don’t know this person but I think she is handling herself very well.

  27. Mindy I want to say to everyone you did a fantastic job. All the guests had a wonderful time the attention to detail was amazing and I’m very proud of you. I can also vouce that she was very frugal and spent $25.
    Everyone has different talents hers is making something amazing. You rocked it.

  28. I think your potty party is adorable! If we weren’t done with potty training (YAY!) in our house, I would totally think about printing this stuff! Also, I have so much respect for you with how you handled all the nasty comments, I wouldn’t have been so classy. I love your party blog, you have amazing ideas, and I will totally be following you! Best of luck with your business, I hope it booms!

  29. Well I am so sorry for the crazy people that came over to your blog today to write mean things about you and even sorrier for the nasty blog article about your party. It is such a strange hate article since your blog makes it obvious that the party was in a big way for your blog that promotes your business. I’ll never understand people hating other people for something fun and silly like a party that doesn’t have anything to do with them and harms them in now way. Your party is cute and I probably wouldn’t throw one but if we were invited to one I would have certainly taken my daughter and she would have LOVED it and I would have thought it was really thoughtful and obviously gorgeous.

  30. I read “the other blog” too, and she is quite funny. I checked out your site to see how “ridiculous” it is, but I’m actually impressed! You did a great job, I’m going straight to your etsy site next. You obviously have a lot of talent, and class for how you are handling the comments. Don’t be mad at the other blog, her dry wit is amusing. And, you have to admit, a potty party sounds crazy…. until you see how to do such a cute one! Kids love parties. We have parties for “Minnie”, imaginary friends, first day of school, etc. I will check out your site for more ideas!

  31. OK – would I do this? Probably not. But do I think its cute? Sure I do.

    I think it’s just jealousy that is causing some to just be flat out mean in their comments. Potty parties – are just a play date with a reason…

    I would love to know, of the nasty posters, how many of YOU have potty trained a child…it’s not usually a fun thing…apparently the potty peer pressure does work.

  32. Please don’t take the nasty comments to heart. The blogger who commented on your party is super nice and really just being sarcastic. She’s had similar rants about Elf on the Shelf. The people who came over here and left mean notes are just immature out and out line. I know it’s not what the original post was intended for – I’m sorry my fellow readers were so unkind!

  33. I love your creativeness=)

  34. This is creative! I must admit that this is not my thing at all, and I would never throw this kind of party, but your ideas are actually pretty cute. I’m here from the other blog post that seems to have brought a lot of other people over. I realize you are a party planner and this is what you do, so kudos! Sad to see all the hate you’re getting. Hope it blows over soon.

  35. Very cute!

  36. Please don’t listen to all the people saying mean things on here, you’re party is a super cute idea, I wish I had the creative juices to come up with something as cool. And while I wouldn’t do a potty party I would TOTALLY do a period party! 😉

  37. (Oh & I found you through the punch blog too, all of her followers aren’t mean. & now I’m following you too!)

  38. I also came by way of the “other blog” and this party idea isn’t my thing either but I am super impressed with your attitude, Mindy. I just hope no one from the grammar/spelling police show up on my blog…they might have a field day!

  39. Oh, and super cute kids!

  40. I’m with the group that came via the other blog. I love your strength to resist the horrible things people have said. I’ not a potty person but I’ll keep you in mind for other party ideas.

  41. You are obviously very talented and creative. The items for you party are beautiful. You may have only spent $25, but it wouldn’t cost that little for everyone else. I think that the reason people are getting so heated is because these types of things are what is wrong with the up & coming generations. Even though my children are not directly affected, they do & will have to deal with these kids’ sense of entitlement and or disapointment when they are not congratulated for every little thing. I’m sorry for all of the mean and angry comments. It is uncalled for immature. However, I think it is less about you as a person and more about what these kind of “events” represent. You seem very nice and have some great ideas.

    • thanks for your comment tanya – some of the comments were a little over the top so i have not responded much. but i can see you are actually a reasonable person! i don’t take these things to heart. i understand where people are coming from.

      it def would not have cost someone else $25 – that is for sure. BUT i am a super frugal person so most of the ideas are pretty cheap to make. even the printables package i sell for this party is really cheap. i just wanted to showcase a range of ideas – maybe you only use one of them when you potty train your kid you know? my blog is centered around party planning, but more just to show fun, unique, and creative ideas. i think this party fits that description pretty well!

      i don’t think aubrey feels entitled to congrats on everything. BUT i have noticed that she has pretty high expectations for the parties i throw for her. but that makes sense. i’m a party planner. and i enjoy doing it so i guess its a win win :)

    • Question … and it’s not meant to be snarky or mean. You state that “BUT i have noticed that she has pretty high expectations for the parties i throw for her.”

      Aubrey’s what — 2 or 3? And, if at age 2/3, she has “pretty high expectations” for the parties you throw for her, what are you going to do when she’s 16 and her expectations are far more than you might ever manage to meet?

    • i hope you don’t think this answer is prideful or anything but i think i will be able to meet them at 16. but maybe not, since she is my oldest and i am not sure what i am in for in the long run. but i am a pretty confident in my ability and resources.

  42. Prada: she’ll call in all her party loving mama friends with awesome party skills and we’ll help her throw the best damn party her daughter and friends have ever been to.

    • That’s fabulous! I’m sure that extra hands and minds will be helpful!

    • Adding that I would do business with the OP in a heartbeat. Just because I don’t get into the whole potty party concept doesn’t mean her other ideas aren’t great or I don’t appreciate her creativity.

  43. Mindi, like many others I found my way here via the “other” blog (which is hysterical by the way); the author is not too happy some of her followers came over here and posted nasty/judgmental comments. That being said, I am glad to see you have called off your dog (yes I’m talking about you, Miranda K), whose vicious/foul language and obvious disdain for families who may be less fortunate was quite unsettling. You, on the other hand, handled those people with a bit more dignity. Perhaps Miranda would take a lesson from you. I find it hard to believe she is actually your “good friend”, as she claims.

    While I may have no plans on throwing a potty party (my kids are all in school), you obviously have a good deal of talent and creativity. I will look here for other ideas!

    • Dog?! Lol! Get a life! Disdain for families who may be less fortunate? Lady, I AM ONE OF THEM! But I don’t go on other peoples blog and bash them because they have the good fortune to provide over the top luxuries for their children! Yes, I’m vicious! When people attack an innocent stranger to make themselves feel better… it just goes to show what type of person they truly are… ignorant, self absorbed, jealous, hateful, and down right ugly inside and out! No, Mindy did not “call off her dog” But I like the analogy… dogs are a mans best friend, dogs stick up for their loved ones… dogs don’t go around being critical because they can’t have what others have the fortune of having! :)

      • Logic and Reason says:

        Why do your children need “over the top luxuries”? You do realize that the purpose of raising a child is to raise a human being with self-discipline, respect, and caring for others, not a human who has everything they ever wanted. The only thing children want and need in this world is love, and buying them fleeting material objects and luxuries will never live up to genuine moments of connection.

        I did not have birthday parties (or really any other parties) growing up, and I still don’t feel the need to throw lavish events simply to give myself glory for existing. And I don’t regret not having those things because the things I remember and appreciate most in my life are the ones where my parents didn’t try to make my world perfect:

        My dad and I got caught in a downpour on a lake after our boat wouldn’t start, effectively ruining our picnic, but I wouldn’t trade that moment for all the lavish parties in the world. My mom sat me down one night on my bed and told me that my dad was going to die of cancer weeks before it happened when I was 7, and I love her for it. Because she did not shield me from disappointment (and grief), I know how to handle those kinds of emotions in a healthy way.

        A good parent isn’t determined by how much they can buy for their child, or how much they can try to make every moment perfect, but how they allow children to experience negative emotions and how they hold their hand through that moment instead of trying to shield them from it. So if your child is disappointed that they don’t get a party, let them be disappointed, and then let them cope.

        A kid doesn’t appreciate the difference between an elaborate party and spending all day with you at the zoo, or in a park. They don’t care about little hats and color-coded napkins, they care about *you* being there and spending time with them. So in truth, these parents for whom you show so much disdain will probably have more well adjusted, happy children, and they will be able to look back and see a good person who gives of themselves, instead of a person who was given everything.

        I hope you find the happiness you seem to be missing in your life.

        • I can assure you (although I don’t owe you anything and have no reason or need to assure you) that my kids are healthy, happy, loved, respect themselves, respect others, understand the value of hard work, have dealt with much loss (material and emotional), are very well rounded, self disciplined (and parent disciplined), giving and selfless lovable little people.
          Do you think that because I gave my child a momentous party to celebrate her achievement (however small) that she feels unloved? or she has less potential as a human to have compassion or to give? or that attention to detail means I love her less? I think not. In fact we still giggle together when we look back at these pictures. We bond over the small moments in life as well – the park, the zoo, reading books together. Love comes in many ways and in many forms and at various times.
          I am happy. My family is happy. Thank you for your concern but it is unnecessary.
          I find it disheartening that you would judge so harshly and I wish YOU happiness.

        • Logic and reason I think you need to evaluate why it makes you feel justified to bring people you don’t know down or counsel them on parenting skills. There are some truly horrible parents out there that seriously abuse their children and you choose to write a novel to someone that heaven forbids throws a party for their kid because they love their kid and likes to see them smile. We are all different parents with different parenting styles. For example you like how your parents raised you and I think if that was me with your parents I would have some major issues. But that is awesome for you that you thrived in that environment and appreciated it. What works for you doesn’t work for everyone else.

    • @Miranda – I agree with you that the statements criticizing Mindy’s talents were probably jealous, and were truly immature. But perhaps you need to look in the mirror when you call others hateful and “down right ugly inside and out”. It seems to me you are no better than they are. I love dogs too, but I would never have a vicious one around my family or friends. If you want others to stop attacking, you might want to seriously rethink your own approach. I hope in the future you are better able to channel some positivity. 😀

    • Very, VERY well said docgunner. I am here because of the “other blog” and completely agree with everything you have said here.

      Mindi, I don’t have kids but I do quite enjoy potty humor. You are very talented – great work and love your attitude! I have been following the other blogger for some time now and she’s not mean or vicious, just full of sarcasm and satire. Glad you could see the humor! :) Did you ever think you would cause such a controversy?! Better to be talked about than forgot about, I say!

  44. I read about this at People I Want to Punch and had to click over to see photos. Everything is so cute! My 2.5-year-old is potty training now (almost there). I’m not much of a party-thrower, as we have three kids and a small budget and birthdays alone keep me pretty busy, but I definitely want to try some of these ideas!

    Also, some people DO have menarche, or first period, parties. I don’t see why not. It would help a girl embrace this change in her life as natural and healthy. I’ll probably offer one to my daughters when the time comes. http://mothering.com/health/first-moon-rising-the-making-of-a-menarche-ritual I personally would not do it just like this lady did, but I think it’s a cool idea.

    I think it’s wonderful to use our unique talents to make our children feel special and loved, and to set an example of celebrating and appreciating life. A child is not spoiled by a mother’s time, energy, and love. And potty training IS a big deal. After a quick and easy potty learning experience with our first child, it’s been very trying this time around! When it finally clicks for my daughter I know I’ll feel like celebrating!

  45. I think this is a MUCH more worthy cause for celebration than a birthday. Kids don’t do anything at all to deserve a birthday party and presents. This is something that they accomplish and they should be made to feel very proud of it. Anyone who doesn’t understand what a HUGE deal being potty trained is clearly doesn’t have kids. I’d do anything to not have to change diapers/clean up pee and poop off of every surface imaginable.

  46. Wow who knew a potty party could drum up such aggression from other mommies! I think the party is just adorable, and what an awesome way to make your daughter feel SO special! I cannot believe that taking time to let your daughter know how proud of her you are is reason for “ladies” to say such rude and hurtful things! Anyway you want to celebrate your child and their accomplishments is more than AWESOME! Pat yourself on the back for celebrating your daughter in such an adorable and creative way! Making memories is what it’s all about!!!

  47. As a fellow printables designer and one “in the business” I am so sorry for all the meanness so many women have directed toward you. To me, this isn’t about a potty party and whether it’s right or wrong. It’s more about women and their jealousies toward one another. I will never understand the need for some women to tear down other women. Owning your own business, having children and raising them each and every moment of the day…. these are very challenging things. Why in the world can’t we all accept one another differences and not feel so threatened by another woman or her abilities? Why can’t women just be supportive of one another? I say “Hooray!” to you! You are obviously crazy talented…. you don’t get on Amy Atlas or HWTM without being a super-star in this business. As a woman who has put together many a party table I completely “get” how much time, energy and work that goes into parties like this. Without parties and photos to show ideas, we would never make a sale… ultimately, this is a business and our children get to benefit from the lovely parties we throw to showcase our designs. Keep your head up, smile and know there is an army of party people out there who know how much went into this sweet party and know how wonderfully creative you are. Have a wonderful weekend!

  48. I wish I could say I’m shocked by the nasty comments but sadly I can’t. I’ve been a blogger too long. However, I love your idea. When the time comes I just might throw my own potty party. Why not? It is one of the first big accomplishments/milestones that they are very aware of happening. The kid and the parent have to work really hard to be successful. It is a celebration of hard work. Kudos to you for taking all the negative in stride and being so classy!

  49. This is SOOO cute! :-) Great idea and great party! :-) I am SUPER impressed! :-)

  50. I come from Punch in the Throat and while I don’t think a party for pottying is needed, your ideas are pretty cute. I also wanted to apologize for ignorant and rude comments. Jen from the “other blog” posted about how wrong it was. Keep up the creative juices :)

    And to Miranda Konieczny…
    What’s wrong with buying things from Party City or Wal Mart? It shouldn’t be about where you buy the products or how you come to them, but the memories made. I’ve had many of my party supplies come from Wal Mart, as have my 5 younger brothers and sisters and we’ve had the times of our lives. Heck, my mom just bought all my 5 year old sister’s supplies from the Dollar Tree because it’s what my little sister wanted. If the child in honor is happy and enjoying themselves who cares where the supplies are coming from? It shouldn’t be about overdoing it, it should be about making a child feel special and honored while creating as many great memories as possible.

    Keep rockin’ great parties Mindi! Looking for some good ideas to share with my mom (I’m not a mother but as I’ve said I have siblings ranging from 18 to 2) and would love to see more for young adults!

    • *like*

      I’m one of the followers of “the other blog” too, and I wholeheartedly agree. Jen did NOT post the link to your page to inspire hateful comments, and I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Your ideas are really cute, and I’m forwarding the link to a friend of mine who’s been having trouble potty training her son. Maybe something like this will be the inspiration he needs to get past that!

      @Miranda- I had two parties growing up. The first was for my 8th or 9th birthday, and involved plastic tablecloths and solid colored party hats from Wal-Mart (no theme, just bright colors) and a water balloon fight at the local park, with a cake made by my aunt. The second one was for my high school graduation and 18th birthday, which were four days apart, and involved pretty much the same level of decorations, a cake made by the same aunt, and board games on our patio. I turned out fine, and my mom didn’t have to stress out over how to pull off “awesome memories”, because those occurred on their own. As much as we all love to support small local businesses and use unique ideas to make special days that much more amazing, some of us cannot afford to do so and have to shop at bigger stores like Party City or Wal-Mart. It doesn’t mean that children who are exposed to those sorts of parties are any less loved than those who get the awesome over the top parties are. And as someone who says you are “one of them” (families who are less fortunate), you should be in a position to understand that more toys and bigger parties doesn’t equate to more love and bigger hearts.

      Just my two cents. Mindy, keep up the awesome ideas. :)

  51. I popped over from the other blog too and party planning stresses me out – as does the unspoken local competition to throw a great party for your kids. I had a small epiphany after my 3 year old’s party in December (a stress-free, low cost play-place party that turned out to be anything but!) so I am sure that I will be back for some ideas for at home parties for the future (I also have an 8 month old who will be having his own parties).

  52. Ohhhh I am just catching up on all these comments!!!! CRAZY!! Mindy- your party was super clever and creative!! I love it!! XOXO

  53. Oh my word. I cannot believe some of these people. I thought this idea was fantastic! I love to plan parties as well but don’t celebrate every event or every milestone either. We love to celebrate in general! It’s fun for me and for my children. Thank you for the inspiration. I recently applied to host a potty training “rock star” party for Huggies Pull-ups via houseparty.com and this is the perfect inspiration! I’ll be sure to link back to this. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  54. I’m a working mother of 2. I love the party ideas and such but I also know this is not in my budget or capabilities. I am grateful for different ideas I can incorporate into a smaller scheme. However, after reading the posts I have some things I would like to say to Miranda. Am I less of a mother because I don’t have time for these kinds of parties? Am I a failure because what I can afford comes from Walmart? I read to my children every day, they have clean clothes, clean sheets and shoes that fit- most of them hand-me-downs. Does this mean your children are “better” than mine? It is my hopes that my children will grow up happy, healthy and accepting of every child. I dream that race, language and economic status do not play a role in who gets to be friends and who gets left out. I pray you find acceptance in your heart so that we may all live where we can acknowledge the good in every person and situation.

    Again, thank you for the wonderful ideas!

    • ^^
      I am a working mom and taking full time classes towards my Master’s Degree. It’s tough stuff and I barely have time sleep because that’s what I skip doing rather than not spending time with my boys (the hubs and my sweet D). But, every single night I read to my little man (who is almost 2) or he “reads” to me and his daddy. We play, we cuddle, and we love hand-me-downs and our house does not look like a toy store threw up all over the place. He won’t watch TV so we are fortunate to have no “I need that, I want that, gotta have it” issues with TV show paraphernalia. He would rather play with his trains, read, color, play with play-doh or something else.

      I’m doing a rock-and-roll theme party for his second birthday. Some stuff I’ve made (cuz it’s way cheaper) and some stuff will be from Party City, Wal-Mart, and Target. Some of us don’t have time or money o do stuff like this. Yes, this party is a bit “much” for my taste, but it’s a super cute idea!

      And yeah – Miranda…WTF lady? You are just as bad if not worse than the women you have commented on. It’s not always jealousy…some people think this stuff is effing dumb! Some people think that excess is wrong and promotes bad values for children. let it be… But, to the blog-owner – super cute party! I dug it! Just not for me…and my husband would have a heart attack if I proposed this idea to him…so, no potty party for little man, we’ll just have to cheer him on as we train instead.

  55. I have two children, my two year old son who will be turning three in March and my 10 month old baby girl who just passed away two weeks ago…why am I sharing? Because life is too short to be wasting your time on being negative or mean. While I had my daughter I celebrated every month she was here because every day and month was an accomplishment and a miracle that she made it.
    My son will be turning three and I will go all out for his birthday because he’s my son and as his mother my responsibility is to love him, make him happy and teach him how to stay on the right path…
    With so many things you hear on the news about the horrible things that parents and others are doing to children, your actually going to waste your time being mean to a mother who loves her child and appreciates her?? What has happened to the world?!
    Like I said life is short and every minute you have with your children and loved ones should be cherished because in a blink of an eye they can be gone.. so don’t waste time blogging on how other people annoy you, don’t like the blog get off the page..grow up and use your time wisely, do your research and like the person who mentioned charities, do something to make the world better..(although I agree with the charity idea, the person who wrote it should take their own advice and not waste time being negative to a random person who has done nothing wrong..and has no way forced anyone to read her blog.)
    So to close, let’s grow up people and learn to value what really counts…
    Just cuz you throw a party for your child when they accomplish something important doesn’t mean that they are going to be spoiled or a horrible adult..it’s how you raise them and the values you instil in them that will make them who they are..
    If you do your research on potty training and on trying to teach your child anything, it says that when your child does go to be excited and make a big deal because it shows them that they are doing it right..

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  58. I hosted a potty party. Thank you SO much for the inspiration. You can see more of it here.

  59. Um…cute party? Not sure what to say after all that drama. I couldn’t stand to read the comments, it was ugly on both sides. Life is what you make it. When we are gone the only thing our loved ones will have left is the memories we’ve made with them. Do you, let the haters hate. There’s always one (or more). Everyone is entitled to their own opinion that doesn’t mean we have to listen.

    • Although I do read the blog that most of the negative comments came from I am your newest follower, good things sometimes come from bad situations

  60. What a cute idea. Especially for kids reluctant to potty train. It really makes it feel like a special event and they might be more likely to work at it.

  61. Mindy i loved the party! very creative and I think potty training is absolutely worth celebrating my son just went a few months ago and it took me almost a year! while my daughter went in a month. your kids are precious + so are all of the details. big hugs <3

  62. This party is adorable! Throwing gatherings for children teaches them a lot more than some people are able to grasp, such as social skills and good manners. I also think there’s an issue in understanding that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make something beautiful if you’re genuinely creative. Craft paper is rather inexpensive. Your child is very blessed to have such a talented and creative mom!

  63. I absolutely love this idea. My son is doing so well, and is 99% potty trained (we still have a few accidents overnight, but otherwise he’s doing great), and I wanted to do something special for him to let him know how proud we are. I did a google search for potty party, and a few things came up, but they were more about beginning potty training. So when I saw this post, I fell in love! I’m throwing a potty party for my 3 year old next month, inspired by this post. I plan to post about it and will send you pictures (and give credit for the inspiration, of course!). Thanks for sharing this.

  64. You are obviously an extremely creative and positive person, and although I would never throw a party for my child for something like this, more power to you. My thought is this though. Why would you spend so much time and effort to create something like this when you could be doing so much good in the world? I know you think your contributing so much by making these things, but what about those charitys? What about those families and kids that could never afford this kind of luxury? I just think you could use those talents to benefit this world in such a better way. Good luck….

  65. Very owsome post. Thanks for give party decorations ideas. I really like your blog writing. For more Info you can visit here:- Theme Party Decorations

  66. Found you on lets connect thursday! I’m hosting a new linky party at http://hickorytrailblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/efforts-and-assets-linky-party-1.html

    I know this post is an older one, but the detail of your party are out of this world!

    I would love to have you!

  67. Man you have way too much time on your hands

  68. Wow, I love it and I bet your daughter loved having a party too. When I was a kid I loved parties.

  69. Mindy I want to buy the party pack supplies but when I click the link it says it is no longer available. Do you still sell it??? I love it!!!

  70. Virginia G says:

    While I don’t think I will see the need to throw this kind of party for my son, he isn’t potty trained yet so there’s ample opportunity to change my mind!

    Personally, I love seeing beautifully creative party concepts and executions – whether they are necessary or over-the-top isn’t relevant to whether they are gorgeous and well-photographed. Thank you for sharing your hard work. I wish I could prioritize doing something so fun and engaging with my time.

  71. Laurie Rudolph says:

    Mindy, I’m thinkin’ menopause parties first social security check parties, and I can’t forget joint replacement parties. I’m just sayin’. Love, grandma


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