{GUEST FEATURE} sweet shop baby shower

sweet shop baby shower
i am so excited to show you all this amazing baby shower!
we recieved this submission by one our blog followers lia who helped to
style and decorate this shower for her friend foula!
with approximately 100 people in attendance at the hotel monoco on charles street in baltimore
guests were greeted by a beautiful and overflowing candy bar, lollipop cake by yiayia’s bakery,
candy topiary centerpieces, and multiple favors by myitalianwedding.com.
the details and colors make this my favorite guest feature we have ever had on our site!
it is obvious that foula is so loved by her family and friends who put this together for her!
these centerpieces were made by hand using ikea vases, 10 in styrofoam balls,
tissue paper, ribbon, and dowels.
they hot glued the candy on to make this a beautiful bright accent for the party!
the strollers and numbers were made using a cricut machine.
we were so amazed by the attention to detail and
the beautiful colors in this baby shower…don’t you just want a piece of candy now!?!
thank you so much lia & foula & family for sharing this special occasion with us!
Foula & family welcomed sweet baby girl Fotini Mastrovasilis October 29, 2011 at 1:26 am. 
She weigh 6 pounds and measured 19.3 inches long
do you have an amazing party you would like me to feature?
email me at getcreativejuice@gmail.com
happy entertaining!
mindy starr


  1. This blog can only display a portion of how AMAZING my shower was! I want to take the time and dedicate this comment to all who took time in making my shower such an amazing success: Lia, Sophia G., Anna, Anastasia, Kleo, Foula C.and Irene. I appreciate everything you guys did and it was obviously an incredible event. I want to especially thank my sister, Sophia M., who had her “creative juice” flowing when she came up with the idea of the sweet shop, specifically the candy bar and all of it’s details! Last but not least I want to thank my husband John M. who did whatever was needed to make that day special for me! I love you all and I could not ask for better friends and family! <3 Foula

    • Foula you are so lucky to have such wonderful people around you!! they did such a fabulous job! Thank you for sharing the pictures of this special event with us!
      all our best wishes to your family & your sweet baby girl!
      mindy {creative juice}

  2. so amazing! congrats to the new mamma and papa!

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