{TUTORIAL} tissue paper window art

tissue paper window art


this is the coolest diy tutorial i have ever shared! i am so in love with this idea i came up with! using tissue paper and fabric starch you can make the coolest tissue paper window art! it is cheap, easy, and COOL! and your kids can help you do this… just know it won’t look as good as the sample below. nope i didn’t let my kids do this one – but they are 1 & 3 yr olds. maybe your kids would do better lol! 
this idea came to me as a total “AH-HA” moment
and i have been super excited to share it for so many reasons….
it has tons of applications – i can see it for every holiday & party theme
{by the way – you can pretty much count on it to be in all my future parties lol}
and it could not be any CHEAPER!!!
it can be a simple decoration you do with your kids – even just a fun messy project
or it can be something you do yourself on a more elaborate scale
and when you get tired of it? it is EASY CLEAN UP!
the first time i tried this if was for EASTER
but again – you could do it for ANY themei’ll start with how i made the eggs, and then describe the process of adhering them to the window

gather tissue paper
you will need lighter shades or white for the egg shape and
vibrant bright paper for the egg decorations

cut the lighter shades in to egg shapes
you could use a template but i just folded a sheet and did it the best i could

use a straight edge and cut the bright paper into strips of various sizes
tip: i cut too many small ones. if i could do it again i would have more larger strips

choose one egg and lay flat
pick some strips and layer on to the egg

use a SMALL dab of glue to secure the strips in place
{i recommend glue stick – i tried others and they seemed to
leave a mark when the light shines through}

flip it over and trim off the excess around the egg

how to adhere them to the window
{again use any shape or design to fit your theme}USE FABRIC STARCH!!!!
it is like magic.

{NOTE: i did not try any other type of starch other than heavy}

hold the egg against the window with one hand and spray the starch with the other
as it begins to saturate it will cling to the window
{seriously you need to be careful. wet tissue paper will tear like crazy if you try to rush this}
begin in the center of the egg and work outwards GENTLY rubbing it to the glass
and pushing excess starch toward the edges
use a dry papertowel and remove excess spray from around the egg
NOTE: be CAREFUL! if your papertowel rubs agains the edge of the tissue paper it will rip it
{if it still leaves residue repeat with a wet papertowel}
it will dry in about 20 min and stick for as long as you would like!
NOTE: i have had mine up for about a month now and it still adheres great
once or twice i had an edge curl up and i had to get out the starch
and respray the area but it was an easy fix
once you get the hand of the technique 
you can do some fun things!!
how to remove them from the window
are you ready for how easy this is?
seriously. cool huh?
can you see the possibilities?!
my mind hurts with all the ideas i have for this…
happy entertaining
mindy starr
ps. if you decide to do this & post pictures about it please link back to this post
it really means a lot to us! thanks!


  1. adorable!

  2. This is a great Idea!! So much fun!!

  3. I agree- so many possibilities! Love this idea– happily pinning it now!!! :) Samantha

  4. This is seriously cool! I love this idea! Would you be willing to link this up to my Springtime Holiday Link Party going on now? I’d love to have this creative idea! Thanks, Michelle http://michellepaige.blogspot.com/2012/02/springtime-holiday-link-party.html

  5. This is awesome! I need to go get some starch. My kids have a big window in their room. They would love this!

  6. This is a BRILLIANT idea!!! I’m doing the Reader’s Picks over at Sugar Bee Crafts tomorrow and I featured this! Congrats!

  7. Well who knew? Love it!!

  8. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday – you were featured today!
    –Mandy, http://www.SugarBeeCrafts.com

  9. We did this craft today and it was so much fun and so easy for the kids to do. I took a couple of photos and linked to you.
    Thanks again for an easy idea that I can use again in many ways!
    Laura, http://www.homedaycrafts.com

  10. I thought this was just so great. Affordable, easy, and according to you, easy clean up. 😀 Anyway, just wanted you to know I featured it today on this week’s Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  11. This is sooooo fun!!!! The colors are so bright! Love it!

  12. How pretty! I never would have thought to use starch as an adhesive. It’s great that the clean up is so easy too.

  13. This is awesome! I’m an RA at my college, and we have 2 huge windows at the front of our hall! I can’t wait to try this! :)

  14. Just wanted to let you know we used your technique again! It turned out awesome for our Fall Window Tree. Thanks again for a the great idea!


  15. These are so cute! I featured your tissue paper Easter eggs on my blog today in my Weekly Inspiration- Easter Window Decoration Crafts With Kids. I’d love for you to stop by and take a look if you have a moment. :)


    Best Wishes,


  16. Hope McCoy says:

    Hello! This is wonderful! I was just at the store yesterday pouting because I couldn’t find any window clings that I liked. I was just wondering if you have any idea if i could use liquid starch. I have a GIANT jug of Sta-flo… I could put it in a spray bottle. Any opinions?

  17. This is wonderful! I was planning on making some rainbows with contact paper, but this might just be easier, faster and cheaper. One question… Could the colors run if you soak it too much? would it be a good idea to spray a bit of the starch to the window first to kind of paste it in place and not risk moving the piece while you finish spraying the whole piece? Do I even make sense???

    • the spray soaks through pretty quickly so you dont really need to spray it first, but you could if you like. the colors will run just a bit not much but i still do NOT recommend this on anything except windows and try to catch the drips in case it marks your trim.

  18. Catrina says:

    I love this idea. I once watched a DIY show on tv where they used heavy starch and soaked fabric, rung it out (they had cut and shaped as something) and then put it on the wall. They said it was like wall paper for renters…just peels off when you want it too. (I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet) Also, I use tissue papers on windows (as a window cover though not for shapes)…but I’ve just glued it on (also just cleans right off). Use a watered down glue and put it on the window where you want the paper. (I’ve never done just shapes though so I’m not sure if it would leave a mark when the light shines through.) Gonna have to try your idea though and see what I like best! :) Thanks for sharing

  19. What a super idea! I am going to try this with autumn golden leaves on my classroom window. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Oh my! This is the PERFECT way to cover the 4 7’x3′ mirrors in my music classroom! THANK YOU for this awesome idea!!!

  21. I absolutely love this idea! I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to decorate the large amount of windows in my library, this should be my answer. Now to find the right theme.. hmm…
    – Krys

  22. Hi, very cool idea! I was wondering, for cleaning you say spray water and wipe. That pretty much mean your decorations are finished good for the garbage right? What if I wanted to keep them? Spray less water and remove carefully?

    • the tissue paper is so fragile i would be surprised if you could use this for a second round but its worth a shot!


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