DIY guide to french macarons

the DIY guide to french macarons – for beginners! 

update:::: um i am seriously so obsessed with these i wrote a BOOK about it! go buy it!

{not macaroons. french macarons. yes. there is a difference. a big one.}
ok so. 
i thought these were cute. and colorful. and trendy.
and expensive. and hard to come by. and hard to make.
so i never used them in my parties.
{actually, I ATE 5}
and i fell in love
did i want to spend $3.50 per delicious bite? 
did i want to drive the 45 min to napa to get them?
no. but i would. 
so i decided to try to make them first. 
paying lots and driving far would be plan B.
with a little love & patience you too can make them too
hence i bring you 

“the DIY guide to french macarons – how to make your own at HOME”

stage one: research & appreciation

i started out searching tons of blogs & french-y people for a quick background and
figuring out just what these things were all about.
read a brief history on macarons
meet an official macaron snob HERE
{actually, you will realize soon enough that everyone who loves these is a snob about them}
the most famous {at least in my mind} macaron folks out there:
{this is the one in napa that i WILL go to soon. even if i can make them myself now!}

stage two: watch a tutorial

i looked at TONS of youtube videos.
these were the ones i thought were the best.
i liked this one
i really really liked this one 
{although you have to read the subtitiles}
i also thought this one was great

stage three: pick a recipe

there are MANY different recipes out there.
here is martha’s
{which to be honest is vauge and i did NOT use.}
this is a good one.
THIS is the one i LOVE & decided to use.
advice: don’t try to make something crazy. 
start basic & get the technique down first!

stage four: practice & know how to trouble shoot

i got this image from HERE where they break it down for you.
great troubleshooting tips at the end of THIS article
and of course there is lots of troubleshooting on the recipe i used

stage five: experiment

i am SO ready to mix it up and try som different flavors. here are some fun ideas
snickers? yes please. 
some fun ones at the end of this post
tons and tons of ideas here
so far, i have tried grape, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry.
good luck – YOU CAN DO IT!
{no seriously. if i can do it i KNOW you can}

happy entertaining

mindy starr


  1. I love love love making and eating macarons! I have not had any professionally made (and delicious) macarons yet. A local bakery sells them and I tried one but it was awful. It was too sweet, cracked when I picked it up, was completely hollow and filled with SHORTENING BASED FROSTING! They also had (pardon my French, ha!) nipples! It was awful. So yes, I make my own seeing as how I am in a rural place and there aren’t decent macs. I use Tartelette’s recipe.

  2. What a fun post! I will have to give these a try…However, I’m a little scared.

  3. now i want a chocolate macaron……….thanks a lot!

  4. I just ordered your book today! I cannot wait for it to come in and try these. There is nowhere within a 200 mile range that sells them so I’m off to make my own.


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