{BOOK} the journey


i’m crying.

{like right now}
maybe i am overly emotional.
maybe i just have not slept much.
maybe i am still in denial that i am writing a book and
sometimes it hits me like a ton of bricks.
i just saw a rough draft of the cover.
i didn’t know that email was coming or that anyone was even working on it yet.
but i opened my email and there it was.
something from my dreams. 
like the wild and crazy dreams that you NEVER think will happen.
a good friend told me to “enjoy this journey”
{ps. that person was bird. love her.}
i laughed at that – enjoy what? sleepless nights?
stress beyond anything i have had ever?
an endless stream of deadlines and work load?
but today it hit me.
 i have always imagined that once the final manuscript hit the table
that THEN i would finally be able to start enjoying the “fruits” of my labor.
but that is just not how it is!
i call this blog “creative juice”
you know that feeling when you have a crazy, cool, unique idea?
one that makes your heart race and run to a piece of paper
to write everything down as it flows through you?
and then you DO it, step back and never have been more proud?
its like creative crack.
{well i couldn’t call my blog that…}
and lately – i have an IV of it.
and i want to enjoy every moment and savor it. 
again – i can’t show you anything today… i’m sorry.
i really am. you have been so supportive and i can’t thank you enough for that!
i hope i am not wearing on your patience with all this talk and “no show”–
but soooooonnn k?
and what a show it will be 😉

happy entertaining

mindy starr


  1. Crying with you, tears of joy!! ♥ you, and am so proud of you!!! Excited that you, someone so creative, talented, humble and utterly gorgeous (inside and out) is going through this well deserved adventure!! Life’s short, and 2012 has taught me that, so from personal experience, the hell with the sleepless nights, just keep taking and enjoy the “creative crack”! 😀

  2. Do proud of you my friend! Can’t wait to buy this book!!!

  3. Congratulations Mindy! So exciting, can’t wait to see the book, I am sure it will beyond AMAZING!

  4. Thrilled for you! Can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands! Congratuations, sweet friend! :)

  5. Congrats!! So excited for you, can’t wait to keep up with all the details!

  6. I second every word that Bird has written on her comments. And I really enjoyed reading this post (even without pictures :-) because you managed to share your feelings and excitement so vividly that I can feel some of that from my end of the computer :-) Enjoy all this “craziness”!!