{SHAMROCK MACARONS} st patricks day


st. patrick’s day shamrock macarons

my love for st patricks day increases each year. 
remember this party i shared last year with you? that is where it all started. 
i really feel bad for patty this year with easter being so early.
the bloggy world has glossed over her and went right from valentine’s day into easter.
don’t worry patty. 
i’ll represent. 
with THREE fun and festive macarons.
here is the second….
(see the first one HERE
these are really simple to make! here’s how….
          before you start:
          if you are new to macarons you may want to start with my DIY guide.
          then pick a recipe – my favorite recipes online are herehere, and here
          my favorite macaron book is here ….  i wrote it :)
              you will need:
             – macaron shells
             – vanilla bean buttercream (or filling of your choice)
             – green candy melts
             – green and white jimmy sprinkles
             – wax paper
             – green edible ink pen
             – green heart shaped sprinkles
             – royal icing
to make them:
1. pair similar size shells and fill with buttercream. chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
2. melt green candy coating. remove macarons and gently dip 1/3 – 1/2 into the coating.
3. dip into the sprinkles and set on wax paper upright to cool.
4. use a green edible ink pen and draw a stem for the clover directly on the top shell.
5. use a small amount of royal icing and adhere the green hearts into a clover shape.
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happy st patricks day!

mindy starr


  1. Such patience you have in getting the tiny decorations just right! These are adorable.

  2. Love these – how pretty and perfect for Paddy!!!
    I’m your newest follower – ( thanks for cohosting this week – coming over from The Farmhouse Porch )
    Big hugs,

  3. These macarons are so simple and beautiful. I featured them in a round up of St. Patrick’s Day cookies and cupcakes on my blog. Cheers. http://www.kitchencounterchronicle.com/2014/02/st-patricks-day-cookies-and-cupcakes.html


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