{MACARONS} basic printable template


circle 1.5 inch macaron template

to download: right click and save to computer.
print and use as directed in the recipe


  1. On peut dire que ce n’est guère absurde !

  2. HI! I have your book and love it! However, I have no idea where my CD is so I can print out templates. I am looking here in your site for the 2.0 inch circular template but can’t find it, I only find the 1.5 which is too small for me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Hi i’m just starting to learn to make macarons, i was wondering if you can help me with some templates so i can experiment? please and thank you!

    • Vivian,
      I would start with this basic template and go from there! Once you can make circles with success, I recommend getting my book – there are tons of templates and over 75 unique macarons you can make with them!


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  5. […] Okay, I’m totally jealous of those perfect macarons that all stacked up easily with perfectly squished filling. These little cookies made by Mindy are one of the base recipes for macarons in her book, that she was nice enough to share with everyone here. Now, this is a truncated teaser version of the recipe…if you read her book, she provides so many tips on getting these right the first time, they’ll feel downright easy to make. I totally admit to being very intimidated by macarons for many years, but after making them with her help I can’t wait to try out another batch. So I can avoid the very things she told me not to do (or do) because she meant it when she took the time to write all the steps down.  You can find the template for the 1.5 inch circles on her website here. […]

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