{recipe} Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs

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Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food

if you have been following along through instagram or facebook then you know things have been a little crazy lately for our family – i was traveling the whole month of september for the book tour (can’t wait to post all the details about it!!! *coming soon*) back on the east coast. my kids were SUCH troopers! they traveled across the country with me to my parents home in MD and were so loving, supportive, and sweet as i traveled all around between events and conferences. thier little sweet hugs and squeals of excitement everytime i would return melted my heart!

between finishing up my second book and traveling for the macaron book tour i will admit feeling stressed and overwhelmed… and it often made being the mom i wanted to be difficult. while these experiences have been amazing — there truly was a deep sense of relief when spetember was over and i walked in the door back home in CA. i spent the next three days totally and completely indulging in my kids. we decorated the house for halloween. we went and picked out costumes. we baked. we bought special treats. we snuggled. we rented movies and ate popcorn in bed (seriously. maybe i took it a bit too far lol). when i would usually say no i tried to say yes. i’m sharing this with you because this post was exactly that – i just said yes.

as you probably know, my son has very severe allergies. and he is the sweetest ever. when we are at a birthday party surrounded by cake he is happy as a clam with his little bag of oreos. he doesn’t ask for much. he is 3.  his favorite things are carrots, apples, hot dogs, fruit loops, and crescent rolls (they are one of the few baked rolls that are safe for him to eat). when we returned from the book tour i decided to plan meals around my kids favorite items. luckily my daughter  has a slightly wider selection of favorites!! i immediately thought that mummy hot dogs would make my kids – and especially my son – SO happy! so that is what we made! it was easy and so fun! …. wait til you see the pic of his reaction to them – it is so adorable! did you see the insagram pic of thier reaction at Safeway? #purejoy

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food


they are really simple to make. you need ball park hot dogs, crescent rolls, and mustard. unroll the crescent dough and cut it into strips. remove the hot dogs from the package and dry them with a papertowel. the excess water will inhibit the dough fro sticking and cooking well.

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food

wrap the dough strips around the hot dog leaving a bit of space at the end for the face.

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food

cook at 350 degrees for 14-17 minutes or until the dough is golden brown.

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food

okay now here is something else you should know. i am totally NOT that mom that lets my kids go to the grocery store in costume. i know, i know, that is mean. but for me – dress ups are an in-the-house-only kind of thing. i have a lot of dress up rules actually. you can’t eat in them, you can’t play in the yard in them, you can’t change into them if we are closer than 20 minutes from going somewhere …. ect ect. again – maybe you think i’m a mean mom… but everyone has thier thing that they are strict about and dress ups are mine k?! SO why do i tell you this? well below you will se me saying YES when i usually would say no. i indulged. i let him wear his costume all day. i let him play outside in it. i let him eat in it. he makes a pretty cute wolverine huh?

HIllshire Farm Mummy Hot Dog 2

how cute is that reaction? wolverine costume. mummy hot dogs. he is pretty much in heaven.

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe, Kids Mummy Hot dogs, Hot dog recipes, halloween kids food

the great thing about this mummy hot dog recipe is that Hillshire Farm is offering an awesome coupon right now if you are signed up for the “Just for U” program  — you will save $3 when you buy 3 Hillshire Farm products! this recipe is quick and easy for our family (and obviously my kids loved it) – but if you are looking for more recipes you can head to Hillshire Farm’s website for even more. (i’m totally going to make this sausage and potato bake) they have a great range of products that you can use to make quick, tasty, and healthy meals for your kids and family. you can join in the conversation with Hillshire Farm on facebook and twitter

the book tour was amazing and it was so fun to meet so many amazing people. but i must admit – i am SO excited to be back to blogging, creating, and sharing again! we have been home now for about 3 weeks i can say that the indulging has continued quite a bit – i have been WAY more leniant on the costume and dress up rules … but i’m secretly hoping that they will forget about them after halloween lol! i can’t be the only one right? do you let your kids wear costumes out of the house? am i being a mean mom?! someone tell me this isn’t just my rule!!!


  1. michelle p says:

    these were a hit with my 4 kids. They each made their own and now call them Yummy Mummy’s

  2. Laurie Rudolph says:

    I’m going to make them for the “kid” in my house…he’s 76.


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