4 Easy Kids Thanksgiving Table Craft tutorials

easy kids thanksgiving table diy ideas

last week i made my second TV appearance on Good Day Sacramento! i was there sharing fun & easy DIY kids thanksgiving table craft ideas! i promised i would share it here on my blog so i re-created the set in my house afterward so i could give you more details about how i created everything. you can see the kids thanksgiving table segment here and you can see the rest of the kids thanksgiving table here with fun decorations, centerpiece ideas, place settings and more. for the segment i tried to focus on 4 easy crafts to spruce up your kids thanksgiving table this year. i made fun turkey leg place cards out of paper bags, construction paper turkey drinking cups, pilgrim hat snack cups, and a styrofoam turkey colored pencil caddy! all of these are easy (and even last minute) ideas that will make your kids thanksgiving table so adorable!

kids thanksgiving table paper bag turkey leg tutorial


to make this you need standard size lunch paper bags, paper towels, scissors, glue, and white construction paper. open the bag and place a balled up paper towel in the end. twist and bunch the remaining paper bag and cut about 5 inches off the open end of the bag (or to your desired turkey leg length). cut a bone shape out of the construction paper and insert it into the bunched open end of the bag. use the glue to secure some of the twists and folds on the end and secure the paper in place. write the name on the end of the bone and you are done! it is a super inexpensive, easy, and fun craft for your kids thanksgiving table!

DIY kids thanksgiving table idea pilgrim hat


for these you will need black & white & yellow construction paper, glue, scissors, and a black paper cup. cut a white strip and a yellow square for the base of the cup. glue this into place. cut a circle that is 1 inch wider in diameter than the wider end of the cup out of black construction paper. turn the cup upside down and glue it to the center of the construction paper (if you are using a heavier snack you may want to consider using black cardstock). use the scissors to punch out the bottom of the cup so that you can insert a snack inside!

kids thanksgiving table turkey cups


for this you will need glue, construction paper, scissors, googley eyes, brown paper cups and a stapler. start by cutting feather shapes out of the colored construction paper. fan these out into the shape you would like and staple them into place. cut a circle for the turkey face, and all the features. glue the turkey face onto the brown cup and THEN glue the googley eyes on. finally, glue the stapled feathers onto the back of the cup. you may need to hold these in place for a few minutes for the glue to set. add a straw and you are ready to go! my kids looooooved these! like i said in the Good Day Sacramento segment though… you will def want the straw… or you will poke your eye out with the feathers… trust me lol.

kids thanksgiving table colored pencil turkey


for this craft you will need a styrofoam ball (cut in half), construction paper, googley eyes, glue, brown paint, and coloring pencils. you will need to paint the styrofoam ball and let it dry for a few hours before adding anything to it. cut the construction paper and glue on all the features of the turkey. glue this to the dry styrofoam dome. then take the coloring pencils (use sharpened ones) and stick them into the styrofoam to resemble the feathers of the turkey!

kids thanksgiving table printable placemats


not only can the kids color on the table covered in paper but you can print off these adorable thanksgiving coloring placemats by Libby Lane Press– they are so cute! she makes 5 different designs to choose from in her etsy shop

Easy DIY kids thanksgiving table ideas

you can see the rest of the kids thanksgiving table here and watch my segment on Good Day Sacramento where i first shared all these fun ideas!



  1. How cute – love the pilgrim hat! Great inspiration.
    I saw your project on the Make the Scene Monday!
    Hugs, Antonella :-)

  2. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. THanks so much for linking up to the Block Party. pinned :)


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