New Years Eve Photo Backdrop Ideas

New Years Eve Photo Backdrop Ideas - Easy & DIY

Melissa here! Glad to be visiting again from The Sweet Escape and chatting about fun & easy New Years Eve photo backdrop ideas! So what’s your opinion of New Years Eve? I find you’re either on the love or hate side of the fence. For me I’ve always loved it and the anticipation of a new beginning but the way I’ve chosen to celebrate has definitely evolved over the years. The crazy downtown bar parties, although super fun at the time, are part of my past. I’ve personally always loved a great house party with close friends….ok a few new handsome faces thrown in the mix couldn’t hurt. This year I’ve decided to throw a party at my loft. One thing I think makes for a great party, big or small, is a fun photo background. Everyone loves to have fun and it makes for some great photos (hello! Instgram & Facebook). Here’s a roundup of 10 New Years Eve photo backdrop ideas you can make yourself for your party or event.
new years eve photo backdrop

New years photo background2

New years photo background3

New years photo background4

New years photo background5

New years photo background6

New years photo background8

New years photo background8New years photo backdrop New years photo backdrop2


Stay tuned for more party ideas while I’m busy getting ready for my own party.

dont forget to print out some props! here is a round up of free photobooth props!

FREE PHOTOBOOTH props round up

and see some more free photobooth props here 


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