Super Bowl or Football Party Drinks – Goal Post Straws!

Football party drinks with goal post straws - Tutorial

all this week i am posting about super bowl party and football party ideas for food, drinks, and decorations! yesterday i shared my football and football field guacamole layered dip and  today i’m sharing with you a great drink idea – perfect for football party drinks or for your buddies at your super bowl party! the goal post straws are easy and inexpensive to make and you can draw the football field directly onto the plastic cups with a sharpie – could not be easier! i have a few tips and tricks to getting it just right – but its pretty straightforward!

the idea for this drink came from this tutorial written by SERIOUSLY the most creative person i have ever known – Sandra of project denneler. i first came across her site when i found all the cool things she mails (like this waffle post card) and then realized that she has a love for unique macarons too!! anyways – you really have to check her site out. she is crazy creative and i’m a huge fan.

Football party or Superbowl Party Drink idea

to make the straw: follow the instructions in Sandra’s tutorial on She Knows here. fiy: the straw is not functional but its so cute you wont care. the only thing i did differently was glue the post into the crossbar (mine kept falling off). note: that will block air flow and wont allow your straw to sink. snip a little cut in the back top of the straw and that should keep your straw from floating up.

to make the field lines: i used a ruler and marked every half inch with a black sharpie (as you saw from my football dip post i’m not always great at free hand). make a line across where your marks are and then make 4 small marks inbetween. count out the median line and mark that with 50 and go out from there.

i kept things simple and bought the hawaiian punch kiwi strawberry. its sort of the only green drink in the aisle and my kids love it & its the perfect bright green color for a football party drink.

Football party or Super Bowl party goal post straws! Super Bowl party drink ideas - Goal Post Straws and Field marking cups!

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  1. Sweet. Love it. most likely I will be doing this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is very much creative! Children would love to drink in this kind of cup. It would really be an interesting one for them and wonder. However, I would suggest that we should make fresh juices for them. They are thrilled to drink on one of these cups and surely they also get nutritious drink!

  3. Dominic McAuliffe says:

    I’m using this as a Superbowl drink………. go broncos!!


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