Little things go a long way….

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a few weeks ago aubrey was chatting away and i was trying to take care of the laundry. as usual, i would say ‘uh-huh’ and nod periodically, half focused on the folding, half on what she was saying, half on the rest of the things i had to get done, half on what i would make for dinner, and half wondering where bubba was and if he was making another mess i would have to clean up.

she noticed.

‘mom are you listening to me?’

honestly- no. i wasn’t.

things have been a little crazy around here. i hate to admit this, but my kids have probably paid the biggest price for the hustle bustle of life. it has been hard to make them feel loved, special, and appreciated when my mind is a constant running to-do list. its easy to get caught up in well… life. things pulling you a million directions – work, family, laundry, bills, preparing meals, friends, emails, social media, exercise…the list goes on. on this day i realized that something need to change.

she looked at me awaiting an answer. i stopped what i was doing- i pushed pause. i pulled her up on the counter. then i listened. really listened. she told me about school, bugs, snakes, why pink and purple were her favorite color, and how the earth is spinning. we worked together and folded the laundry. when we were done she jumped down and said: ‘that was fun mom. i’m glad you were not too busy today!’…. and she ran off. my heart burst. in that moment i promised to take more little moments like this each day with both my kids.

a few days later (and i’m NOT telling you how many days later lol) i was doing laundry again. i called for her and asked if she could help me. she excitedly ran over with a stool, jumped on the counter, sat down, and started folding. she chatted and laughed, asked me funny questions, and created a best-of-her-ability pile of folded clothes. when we were done she ran off to play.

fast forward to today- we are quite the folding team. it was such a little thing to just stop and pull her up on the counter to help me. and just listen. but it made such a big difference. it is one of our ‘things’ now. we do laundry. sure it sounds silly, but all those little moments add up to something big. and i wouldn’t trade them for anything.

little things go a long way – in life and in laundry.

life gets messy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. enter the best invention since sliced bread:
Tide Pods – have you seen these at Target? i’m obsessed.


see that little guy there? its detergent, brightener and stain remover all in one. which makes my job – and yours – a whole lot easier. i have used Tide Pods for a while now and if you don’t – you need to.  you will fall in love. simple. easy. time saving. these little pods pack a punch. they are already perfectly proportioned for your laundry and take out all the guess work so you can focus more on other things that matter- like spending time with your little ones and hubby.



why did i share this? because i learned that little things go a long way-
and i realized this doing laundry of all things!
and i’d like to think that you and i are similar – that i’m not the only one who needs to learn this lesson.

so here is my advice: STOP. COLLABORATE. and LISTEN.

{yes. i did just quote vanilla ice. stay with me here…}

the next time you find yourself half present because you are thinking about the 5 other things you have to do while your kid is asking questions about the bug she sees on the window. or the next time you are playing the never ending ‘but why?’ game with your son about every. little. thing. and trying desperately to come up with a satiable answer so you can just focus a little on the dishes or the meal, or getting things packed up for school….
STOP. just pause. you are allowed to do that by the way as a mom- stop for a second.
COLLABORATE. include them in what you are doing. invite them to help. work with them.
and LISTEN. really listen. you will love what they have to say. talk about things. be silly. make memories.

its the little things. it really is. they add up to very big things in the end.


*Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. for Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy. By texting the key word to us, you agree to receive an autodialed text message from Target at the mobile number from which you sent your request. Consent to receive messages is not a condition of purchase.


  1. Such a great post! Thanks for reminding me my kids are just excited to spend time with me no matter what we are doing. Thanks for the link to the coupons for the Tide Pods.

  2. Oh, I love those conversations about ‘nothing at all’ with my kids. They’re the best!
    I use the pods for the dishwasher – I think I need to give them a try for the laundry too!

  3. Hilary Boyce says:

    Great post. Another lesson you are giving her is the pride that comes with doing a job, contributing to the work load that makes a family work! Thanks for sharing. And I have not tried the little tide packets. Will check it out.

  4. Great Post! Your daughter is so adorable! I also use the pods for the dishwasher but I’ll have to try the tide pods for my laundry!

  5. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! I can relate to this post on so many levels! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mindy this post really hits home for me. I’m currently trying to rebalance to make sure my kids are getting the attention they need. I’m glad that you shared these sentiments. And now I want to try these pods. I hate when detergent gets all gross and leaky everywhere in my laundry cabinet. :)

  7. This post is so cute and you gave some great advice. I love pods they are super easy to use. I have both new Gain scents right now.

  8. Such great advice, Mindy. I’m definitely picking up some Tide Pods next time we’re at Target.

  9. Great post! Thank you for sharing I think many of us Mom’s could totally relate. Just added Tide Pods to my “things to buy list” on my next trip to Target!

  10. Aw!! Thanks for sharing your sweet story. I already use the pods and LOVE them. No more messy, gooey liquid measuring cups for me.

  11. “I’m glad you were not too busy today”- heart melted. I’m glad you found a way to include her in part of the chaos of the day and make it a routine thing. So sweet. I’m quite the fan of Tide Pods. Once you go pods, you don’t go back- they’re easy and there’s no mess!

  12. Love how you included her in your daily routine, Mindy. She’s a little cutie. Yes, Tide Pods are the best thing since sliced bread! Can’t do without them.

  13. So super sweet – I am learning how to do this with my daughter lately and really enjoy her company and her conversations about friends at school, her favorite shows and books – and her funny little stories.

  14. Such a great reminder of our precious our time is with our family! Tide pods help make us stop and enjoy the little moments we may miss! Great story…thanks for sharing!!

  15. I love that you wrapped things up by quoting Vanilla Ice! But seriously though, I could totally relate to this. It’s hard to give our kids 100% when life is happening around us… and I struggle with that all the time! My almost 3 year old “helps” me fold the laundry too. She folds socks and washcloths and she loves it. Who cares if the sock drawers aren’t actually organized anymore??

    • Maureen I totally agree – i can be a perfectionist with some thing but i have to let it go – it doesnt matter if they are folded perfect!! thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know i’m not alone in feeling this way!!

  16. Katie Reid says:

    So sweet- always look forward to your blog posts- warms my heart!!!

  17. This was such a great post! I am constantly doing that half listening/not listening at all thing with my son and the second I listen, he says the sweetest, cutest, smartest things. I’ve been trying to give up on perfection a bit so that I can incorporate him into regular daily things like dishes and laundry. No, he won’t fold them well. Yes, it may take a few more minutes, but it is now time spent with him instead of me simply rushing through to get one more check on my to-do list.

  18. Amanda Boyce says:

    Love! Even if you don’t have kids – it’s a good message that everyone needs to hear sometimes! xoxo

  19. I can’t believe I haven’t used these little pods before, but with the insane amount of laundry I do you can bet I’m going to give them a try! Preparing dinner has become one of those quite moments to listen with my kids. They love helping in the kitchen and they know that mom isn’t distracted by her computer, phone or to-do list when she’s chopping veggies. :)

  20. Oh I love this post! I feel like it’s so important to make a CONSCIOUS effort to get back to the way we used to “mom” and put our other things aside to embrace moments like this! She is so precious! I also LOVE LOVE your Vanilla Ice reference! hehe! I’m totally getting those coupons so I can try these too! :)

  21. michelle says:

    i love this, and I also love that last night our kids had each other to be crazy so that YOU and I could catch up…. love you!