More Valentine Breakfast Ideas

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

here is more fun Valentine Breakfast ideas for you! while this is a pretty simple, i wanted to give more instructions than i was able to give on Good Day Sacramento – live segments go SO fast!! i could barely get everything in so there was no time for extra explanations! this breakfast is just heart shaped and XO pink pancakes with heart shaped strawberries. be sure to check out the other valentine’s bay breakfast idea i shared as well with brown sugar bacon hearts!

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

How to cut strawberries to look like a heart!

to make the heart shaped strawberries, choose strawberries that are smaller in shape and come to one point. cut off the stems and slice them in half vertically. cut a small triangle out of the middle of the top and round the top edges to make the heart shape. i served the grapes in these cute baking cups.

Ideas for breakfast on Valentine's Day!

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Valentine lunch and snack ideas

Valentine dinner ideas

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