Jungle Book Party!

**this post includes a party package that was generously gifted by the National Mango Board. all opinions and photographs are my own**

Jungle Book Viewing Party

my family has been beyond excited for the release of the jungle book this month! i remember watching this movie as a kid and belly laughing with my sister at king louie’s dancing, singing along about the bear-necessities with baloo, hiding behind our pillows every time shere khan came around and rooting for mowgli when he finally scared him away! don’t you remember?! it was the best! Disney just realeased the diamond edition Blu-ray combo pack and digital HD on feb 11 and i think i was first in line! i knew my kids would love all the jungle animals just as my siblings and i did.

when we mentioned it at school pick up, a lot of her little friends had not seen it either so we decided to host a jungle book viewing party! no jungle party is complete without lots of mango so i created 3 mango recipes for our guests as well as layered mango jungle drinks -which were a big hit! it was so fun to see their faces as they watched this adorable movie for the first time!

okay so lets talk mango shall we? all of these mango recipes at the party are kid friendly and approachable. the mango added a fun flavor profile that kids don’t eat everyday – so they were pretty excited about it. one cup of mango is just 100 calories and since it is naturally sweet, its a healthy way to have a sweet bite at the end of a meal. so how do you choose a mango? depsite what you may think – red does not mean ripe! pick your mango based on how they feel – a ripe mango will ‘give’ slightly. a firm mango will ripen at room temperature over a few days. if your mango is ripe but you are not using it right away – place it in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. this will buy you a few extra days to use it. most of these recipes i used at this party are found on mango.org (as well as everything you could want to know about mangos) and i will be sharing them over the next few days here on the blog.

How to cut a mango

don’t know how to cut a mango? i’ll be posting about it soon with tips and tricks i learned, but mango.org has a video and picture steps that is great – you can see those here. all of these recipes i used called for diced mangos so i used this method and quickly realized i had been cutting them wrong for a long time! also, you can see some of the recipes i made and more recipes here

the menu for our jungle book party…

Jungle Book Party Food Ideas - Mango recipes

Mango Salsa Recipe

this mango salsa was one of the big hits at the party. you can find a similar recipe in my new book Party Food for Girls but this recipe is from mango.org and it was great!

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas

these sugar cookie fruit pizzas were inspired by the ones in my book Party Food for Girls as well but i modified them to include strawberries, mango, and blueberries. to make these just bake your sugar cookies (i cheated and used store bought here…shhhh dont tell) and have the fruit pre-cut for your guests. the kids had so much fun making these! for the spread i used my cream cheese frosting recipe (found in Party Food For Girls and Gourmet French Macarons) but you could use whipped cream or any frosting.

Mango Honey Yogurt parfait

the mango yogurt parfaits were very easy to make and actually a very healthy dessert option which the parents loved… especially since i’m doing a half marathon next weekend with a few of them!! the angel food cake is light and the yogurt is just sweet enough with the honey and mango – it was good!!

Yogurt Honey parfait

Jungle Mango Parfaits
  • 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • ½ tablespoon honey
  • 1 cup cubed store-bought angel food cake
  • 2 cup cubed ripe mango
  1. Mix Greek yogurt and honey in a small mixing bowl until evenly combined.
  2. Place cake cubes in the bottom of each jar to form a solid layer.
  3. Top with mango cubes and a large dollop (2-3 tablespoons) of the Greek yogurt mixture on top of the mango cubes.
  4. Add another layer of cake cubes.
  5. Top with another layer of yogurt and mango cubes.
  6. Serve. - See more at: http://www.mango.org/recipe/jungle-shortcake-jar#sthash.uXyKBL0V.dpuf

Mango Layered Drinks

for the drinks we had…
layered mango drinks! these can be made in a similar way to my 4th of july layered drinks. you just need juice of varying sugar content. for this i used hawaiian punch kiwi strawberry (the green) and mango tampico (orange). fill your glass with ice and slowly pour in the drink with the highest sugar content – this one will settle on the bottom. next, slowly pour the drink with higher sugar content. it will stay separated for about 15 minutes… but the kids will drink them much faster than that!

Layered Party Drinks

the kids really had a great time – they loved the movie and thought i was a mad scientist when i whipped up these drinks (little do they know I AM ONE <– proof. well… the real proof is my bio degree but same thing- without the wig. just click the link and you’ll get it.) the only time they were not watching the movie or eating delicious mango treats was when they changed costumes… you may notice wolverine, alice in wonderland, barbie fairy, and cinderella in the audience!

Jungle Book viewing party ideas!

what’s a party with a little chalkboard art? (those of you wondering about my chalk phobia – yes i made this. and yes i wore surgical gloves. #canttouchchalk #ocdproblems)

jungle book party ideas and mango recipes

Fruit Pizza idea for a party!

Jungle Book viewing party ideas

Jungle Book party ideas

How to make layered party drinks

Jungle Book Viewing Party Ideas

ps. this is my favorite picture. they will thank me in 20 years when they add this to their wedding slide show and everyone will marvel that they have a picture from their first date. so. cute.

 pss. this party was coincidentally held on my birthday – my kids kept talking about my ‘jungle book birthday party’ all day… 31 is not too old for a disney party right?!


visit mango.org for recipes and more information on selecting and preparing mangos


  1. I LOVE this movie – and I LOVE your party! Yummy TREATS! Yummy DRINKS! And surgical gloves! I knew I liked you Mindy! :) I hate chalk too! haha

    • i know RIGHT?! this chalkboard trend is giving me issues!!! and ps – thanks for READING the post lol. so many people just look at the pics and miss the little side stories!


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