Bento Lunchbox Ideas for Kids


bento lunch boxes. they are adorable and all over the web! i love the cute little containers and the creative ways i have found to make your kid’s lunch time exciting, wholesome, and totally cute! i have been looking around for a bento lunch box for my kids, so when Laptop Lunches reached out to me to try their product i jumped at the chance. i loved the bright colors they used as well as their mission: to provide fun, practical food containers that promote better nutrition and waste reduction. you can read more about their mission and core values here but suffice to say that they are a great company and i am proud to help promote a product that is made in the USA by a company that cares about the environment and better nutrition for our children.


for my kiddos, i picked the bistro bento (in Jazz) for my daughter and the bistro bento (in americana) for my son. they loved the colors and were really excited to pack a picnic lunch for soccer practice using them! two of the containers had leak proof lids so i could pack things like the pineapple knowing that it wouldn’t get all over the place and also a sandwich knowing it wouldnt dry out. i packed them tomato skewers, turkey avacado sandwiches, fresh pineapple, and homemade apple and strawberry fruit leather (recipe coming to the blog this week! they looooved it!)



i will admit that my kiddos are young – just 3 and 5 – so it took a little getting used to for them to be able to open the lids without my help. i checked the Laptop Lunches website for the reviews of these two products to see if others had this same experience – and what i found really impressed me. customer service had addressed each review (most all of them were 5 star reviews but the ones who had concerns) and offered help and tips for little hands trying to open them up. i loved seeing a company take pride in their product like that!

here are some of my favorite bento lunchbox ideas for kids:

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i dont have time to make most of the bento lunches on this site but i sure love to look at them!

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the web is brimming with tons of ideas and while i probably will only make a handful of them like the valentine’s day snacks/lunches i made they are still fun and exciting to look at and gain ideas from – a great source of CREATIVE JUICE for sure! so go get your BENTO on and check out laptop lunches!

*this is a sponsored product review post but all opinions and photos are my own*