Learning to Swim with Ariel!

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Learn to swim with Disney Princesses!

my sweet little aubrey has been a handful since the day she was born. passionate, opinionated, sensitive, brave, fashion conscious, full of energy, and always on the go. i have always admired her inquisitive nature and willingness to try new things.

there is one thing however that has stumped her bravery: swimming.

it is such a paradox to see my brave daughter who would jump from the top of the jungle gym at the park yet she would not even let me dump water over her head in the bath! a child who would hold a live lobster and laugh, but cried any time she had water on her face. when in the bath, she kept a towel handy and wiped her eyes nearly every five seconds! knowing that this was a fear she would have to face, last spring i decided it was time to bring in the professionals- we signed her up for swimming lessons. she was apprehensive…and honestly, so was i! it took them two weeks just to have her blow bubbles – but the suggestion of putting her whole face in the water sent her crying and running out of the pool. we spent hours in the pool last summer and by july had made a lot of progress. with goggles, she would finally put her face in the water for short periods of time! she was not great at it, but it was wonderful to see her overcoming her fears! as the summer wore on, her confidence grew. now that its spring, i know it is time to get her in the water and build her confidence for this summer – and i will be honest… i was worried if she would be able to pick up where she left off!

Target Disney Princess Products

one of her favorite Disney characters is Ariel – they have a lot in common! brave, fearless, free spirited and adventurous! my daughter’s room is similar to Ariel’s cave – collections of tidbits she has found on walks, at the park, and on the playground at school, ordinary objects she views as treasures. so leading up to this, we have spent quite a bit of time talking about how much fun it must be to live under the water, to be a mermaid, and swim through the ocean and find treasures. we talked about how Ariel is not afraid of the water, how brave she was on all her underwater adventures – like the time she faced a shark – and how fun it would be to swim just like her. we went to Target and picked out some fun things to get her excited about swimming – a new princess towelAriel sunglasses, and princess dive characters – that included Ariel of course. she is a fasionista after all, so while we were at Target she picked out a cute new bathing suit and matching flip flops too.

Target Ariel Glasses

Target swimming gear

Target Circo Flip Flops

side note: i love how totally perfectly this photo exemplifies her. red girly nail polish from a ‘make-over’ with mommy – yet it is chipped and worn to match her legs riddled with bruises from all her craziness!

Target bathins suits for kids

the day arrived to practice swimming again. i was really nervous that she would get too scared and we would be back at square one… but she did great! she started off on the steps – playing with the Ariel toy and getting used to the water. then we moved over to the deeper steps… and after taking several practice deep breaths – she did it! she put her face in the water to pick up the Ariel dive toy! she was so proud of herself! she even went under the water a few more times after her first attempt! i am so proud of her for overcoming her fears! she still has a lot to learn but its important to celebrate the success along the way. i think we are on our way to a confident swimmer {thanks to Ariel!} and looking forward to a fun filled summer by the pool!

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does your little girl admire one of the princesses? have you ever used their example to inspire your child? i would love to hear about it! please comment and share!



  1. Love all of this and Target! Such cute products!

    • They have so many great princess products! I am hosting a princess party this week and everything is from Target! They have a great selection!

  2. She is so adorable, Mindy! I’d say she has the same spunk as Ariel, and what a perfect way to encourage her!

    • Aw thank you Andrea! Aubrey & Ariel are two peas in a pod – it was so cute to see her Disney princess inspire her to overcome her fears!

  3. As if I didn’t already love Target enough! So cute!

    • I know right?! They have the best disney products! My daughter was in heaven with all her fun finds for the pool this year! Thanks for stopping by Dorangela!

  4. Loving all of the Disney Princess products easily available at Target! Those sunglasses are adorable!

  5. So cute!

  6. Um hello! Who doesn’t love the Disney princess anything!? Love this! Thanks for sharing Mindy! Aubs!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE CUTEST!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Ariel is my daughter’s absolute favorite princess {and mine!} and this is just the cutest ever!!! Target is literally our home away from home, as it feels like we practically live there! Thank goodness it’s just around the corner from us! We live in Vegas, so the pool is a must during the crazy Summers… can’t wait to check out those adorable swimsuits! Thank you for sharing!

    • Ariel is my favorite too! Target had a huge selection of suits – Aubrey had a hard time picking! I’m sure you will find something perfect when you go!

  8. Yay for Aubrey! Yay for you, momma! Thank goodness for Target, where I always find what I am looking for and more. Love your honest sharing – great support for other moms out there.

  9. Susan Boyce says:

    So cute! What a great story, glad she’s loving the water and so much more fun with princesses!

    • It will be really warm here this week so we are hoping to try again this week and build on this! She is improving each time! Thanks for stopping by Susan!

  10. What a darling idea Mindy! I am SO going to use these ideas for my daughter this summer. She is just now getting into Ariel – perfect timing for summer!

  11. AWESOME! I love this! These products are absolutely darling and I love any reason at all to head to Target.

  12. I’m so proud of her and I never even met her!! That’s so wonderful that you found the right incentive that worked for her. Enjoy your summer at the pool with all her new goodies!

    • Thank you for stopping by Natalie! I am so proud of her too and can’t wait to see what she will accomplish this summer!

  13. We too have three princess obsessed ambitious divas, and we’ve yet to conquer swimming lessons. We have the princess dive set from Target but they insist being used all year round so we keep them in the tub! Looks like you guys are going to be having a blast by the pool this summer! :)

    • Toni I’m SURE ours will be in the tub as well through the year! My daughter can’t get enough! Best of luck with swimming lessons – it will happen for your girls! Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. Such a great post! So proud of your girl!! I love all the cute princess pools stuff especially those dive toys. I will pick some up next time I am at Target and hopefully they can help my daughter put her face in the water this summer.

  15. She is such a doll! We had to get the Batman flippers and mask set from Target to encourage our boy to get back in the pool after a season off when he was younger…we still use it with his bros.

    • Target has TONS of licensed products for boys as well! I have a son so I’m forced to look at both sides of the aisle!

  16. How cute is she – and super sweet to boot! She looks so proud and happy with herself – awesome moment!!!

  17. What a cutie! Ariel is my favorite princess, I *might* put my face in the water for her. :) Guess I am off to target. LOL

  18. Your daughter is adorable! My son is the same way in the water – cries and yells in the bath when water gets on his face, cries at the pool and won’t let go of me, etc. I’ll have to try some diving toys with him this summer to see if we can move past his fear as well.

    • Cheryl I wasn’t sure this would work but it totally did! Target has lots of licensed products other than princesses – I know they have a Cars set of dive toys as well (I have a boy also so I am always looking at every aisle!) so maybe give it a try in the bath first and then work up to the pool! Best of luck! Keep us updated! Would love to hear your progress!!

  19. What a great idea! Way to go, Mindy! (I love it when Target saves the day)

  20. So cute! She is adorable and clearing having tons of fun!

  21. Taylor Bower says:

    LOVE all this target gear, such a cute post!

  22. You’re daughter is adorable! Target is my favorite place to shop for my summer essentials!

  23. Mindy, your daughter is so cute! My daughter is obsessed with Ariel too. Now I am going to have to get her the cool shades and the pool toy with Ariel, I didn’t know they carried those. Love Target!!!

  24. I’m having the same swimming anxiety with my little one right now! Looks like we need to make a special trip to Target too!! Great post and suggestion…I mean, what would Moms do if we didn’t have Target?!?

  25. LOVE Target and all this cute Princess items!!!

  26. This couldn’t be more perfect timing! My daughter is 2.5 and obsessed with princesses right now. She wants a mermaid birthday because Aeriel is her favorite, too! I see a lot (okay, all..) of these items ending up in our cart!

    • that is so great Jen! Target has a great selection of princess items for parties! i am sharing my daughter’s princess party on the blog next week!

  27. Love it! Such a cute lil gal!

  28. oh my goodness- you’re an awesome photographer. you have PERFECTLY captured the moment. so sweet!!

  29. What a sweetie! I hope she has a really fun summer swimming like a fish–or Ariel, as it were! So perfect Target had all the appropriate princess-type motivation. :)

  30. She looks just like you, what a cutie! So glad that she is overcoming a fear and getting ready for the summer with a little help from her favorite princess!

  31. She is so stinkin’ cute! My little princesses would love those!

  32. Tiffany Zabel says:

    I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog stuff and I love this post. I need to get some new swim stuff for the kids this summer and when I showed Emma the princess dive things she was sold. Looks like I’ll be adding that to my list of things to pick up next time I shopping at Target!!

  33. Such a great way to teach her about conquering her fears! She’s a doll, Miss Juicy! ♥

  34. My daughter is obsessed with princess and toys that can go in the bath or pool. I can’t seem to find those princess dive characters at Target anymore though. Bummer!