National Jelly Bean Day!

Jelly Belly Candy Flower Cupcakes

happy national jelly bean day! my family and i LOVE Jelly Belly Candy Company and are celebrating today by eating lots of jelly beans and taking a trip to the factory for a tour!

jelly belly has played quite a big role in my family’s life the last few years. as many of you know, my son has lots serious allergies. often he is unable to eat treats that other kids are having at birthday parties and get togethers. his special treat has always been jelly belly beans! vegan and produced in a peanut free factory, it has been my go-to ‘safe’ treat for him over the years. this has been the main reason behind both my daughter’s rainbow jelly belly birthday party and my son’s bubble birthday party. since that time i have become a brand ambassador for the company using their products in my most recent book Party Food for Girls (pictured above) for the candy flower cupcakes! they are also one of the #SweetBookTour sponsors! over the next few months i will be sharing some fun season ideas here on the blog as well. it is a company i truly love and i am happy to celebrate this exciting day with them! here are some of the pictures from our last visit to the factory which is free and just 20 minutes from our house!! it is one of our favorite places to go and we always take guests that are visiting from out of town – it is quite a fun experience!

Jelly Belly Factory Trip

Jelly Belly Factory Trip with Kids Jelly Belly Factory Flavors

Jelly Belly Factory Trip 2

everyone wears these fun jelly belly hats (yes even the adults!) and the tour walks you along the top story of the factory so you can look down on all the excitement. one of my favotite things about the tour is that they have low windows so the little kids can see without having to be held up. my son is mezmorized by some of the automated machines – he could stay there for hours! the factory workers are always waving up at us and the kids love it! the tour takes about an hour and walks you through the entire process from creation to packaging. the picture below is one of my favorite rooms!! i love seeing them all stacked up like this – its is crazy how many jelly beans they produce! i also love to see the jelly belly artwork – large scale works of art made of just jelly belly beans – they are really cool and were the inspiration behind my ‘jelly belly name plates’ from my daughters rainbow jelly belly party.

Jelly Belly Factory Work Room

Jelly Belly Candy Artwork

Jelly Belly

and of course at the end of the trip they give you a bag of jelly beans! note: they don’t give you a minnie mouse one though lol – SOMEone opened their bag and promptly spilled them everywhere and commenced into a full scale tantrum. one of the workers noticed and took her sweetly over to pick out a special bag from the visitor center store to make up for it. yet another reason i love this company!

so go out and have a great national jelly bean day! if you are local head to the jelly belly factory and check out the LIVE artwork being created today!
if you are not local you can see the live stream of it online here!

happy jelly bean day!!


  1. So cute Mindy! We are thoroughly enjoying those jelly beans from last week’s event! Happy jelly bean day!


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