Disney Princess Party with Belle – Part 2

This post is sponsored by Target. More Princesses, More Sparkle: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Disney princesses at Target.

 this is the second post! see the first half of the princess party here 

Belle Princess Party Dresses and Tiara

Princess Party tablesetting


i started at Target since they have such a great array of Disney princess products – i was so happy to find pretty much everything i needed in one place. i was able to find a really great selection of princess party supplies – the paper plates, place mats, cups, favor bags, and napkins were from the party section. there were tons of other items to choose from including invites, tattoos, wall decals, and hanging decorations. i was also able to find some good quality princess insulated cups in the home section at Target that the girls could use at the party, as well as take home as a favor.

Princess Party Favors - Princess Insulated Cups from Target

Princess Party place settings

Belle Princess Party table decorations, food, decor, and favors

Princess Party

Princess Party Favor Ideas Princess party favor ideas

Felt Rose details for a Princess Party


i used pink felt to create some rosette details around the table and on the silverware as well as some touches of pretty yellow ribbon. i enlisted local vendors for the table, chairs, linens, and cake stands – and they even taught me how to drape the tablecloths like that!  my amazing local florist created the beautiful floral arrangements on the table and dessert table – i love how she picked yellow roses with just a touch of pink on the edges!

Rose Cupcakes for Belle Princess Party Princess party food ideas

Princess Party Dress up Cinderella!

Beauty and the Beast Belle - Chip Sugar Cookies

Rose Chocolate Covered oreos for a Princess Party

Pink Rose and Yellow Cake Pops for Belle Princess Party


it may have been a bit heavy on the sweets but i think i added just enough food items in there to call it brunch (right?!) we had marshmallows, meringues, strawberry yogurt parfaits, orange curry chicken salad (all from my book Party Food For Girls), Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, chocolate covered rose oreos, and cute fruit cups. so maybe there were a few desserts…

Strawberry Yogurt parfaits

Belle Princess Party Dress Ups


Target had a great selection of princess dress ups to choose from – we picked this Belle dress, Belle shoes, Belle tiara, and Belle purse for aubrey to wear and then decided they were such a great price we should get tiaras and purses for all the girls as a favor! she LOVED the dress and wore it the whole rest of the day! all of the girls were able to wear their own princess attire or choose from a selection when they arrived. we called them ‘madam’ and ‘princess’ and doted on how beautiful they were – it was so fun! they loved being treated like royalty — and that we, the parents, were playing along in their fantasy world!

okay so i know EVERYONE is going to ask about the adult Belle dress — it was actually custom made for the teenage daughter of a friend of mine and we borrowed it for the event. i was going to wear it at first (i’m not opposed to costumes… remember the scary mad scientist one i wore?!) but then realized one of the moms who would be attending looked a lot like Belle! she watched some tutorials online and was able to get her hair just like her — she totally looked the part!!! the girls loved it!

Princess Party Dress Up Shoes Belle Princess Party Dress up Belle Princess Party Ideas!


the girls arrived and spent some time choosing the perfect princess dress up and shoes to match. it was so cute to see them ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ over each other as they were getting ready! then we headed out to my back yard for the food (well dessert with a little bit of food lol). ‘Belle’ came around and chatted with them while they ate. it was so funny because even though it is one of the moms they see everyday, they looked at her wide eyed like she was the prettiest thing they had ever seen all dressed up like that! (did you see the pics? she looked amazing!). afterward, we had some giggly photo ops with ‘Belle’ and then story time! all the girls crowed around to hear her tell the story. when that was over, the girls were so excited to give each other make overs! they are always doing each other’s hair after school so i picked up a princess hair accessory kit and they went to town! 

Belle Princess Party Activity - story time

Princess Party Activities Belle

Princess Party Activities - Princess makeovers! Princess Party Makeovers!

Princess Party favor ideas - Belle purses


each girl had a Belle tiara and Belle purse from Target, custom lollipops, Jelly Belly favor station with princess favor bags from Target, and adorable rose favor boxes!

custom lollipops for party favors

Belle Princess Party Rose Favor Boxes

Jelly Bean Favor Bar

Princess Party Dress up


paper plates  |  place mats  |  cups  |  insulated cups |  favor bags  |  napkins

Belle dress  |  Belle shoes  |  Belle tiara  |  Belle purse  | Hair Accessory Kit


Auntie Bea’s Bakery – cookies & cupcakes

Piggy Bank Parties – rose favor boxes

Evie & Mallow – cake pops, chocolate covered rose oreos

LolliPics – custom edible image lollipops (using design from Love the Day)

Jelly Belly – Favor bar

Oriental Trading – Jelly Belly favor bar containers

Made in the Shade – tables, chairs, linens, cake stands

Stems – floral arrangements

TomKat studio – striped straws, polka dot fruit cups

The Flair Exchange – tassel garland

Party Food for Girls – chicken salad recipe, marshmallow recipe, and meringue recipe


would you believe me if i told you that this was only HALF of the party?

of course you would. you know me so well. i just can’t help myself!!!!!

check out the other half of the princess party – brunch with belle here

Belle Princess Party - ideas, decorations, food, activities, and more

see the other half of the princess party – brunch with belle here


  1. Pam Zabel says:

    I LOVE your pictures of the princess party! ALL the girls look so cute – I am a little biased with Emma Zabel being the most precious one – LOL. You did an excellent job. The decorations and tables look fabulous! If you lived near me, I’d hire you to host a party. Thanks for sharing!
    Pam Zabel (grandma of Emma)

  2. Beautiful party Mindy! Those table linens stopped me in my tracks! Love that an actual mom got to have a “Belle” moment!

    • thank you for stopping by Keely! i love that it was one of the moms too! it was such a fun day for the girls but also for the moms! they loved that we were playing along in their princess fantasy for the day!

  3. Aubrey is so incredibly beautiful. Kinda looks like Disneyland in you backyard. :)

  4. SUPER sweet party! certainly one to remember, the photography is wonderful, those shots will be treasured for a long time. That table cloth couldn’t be more perfect!

  5. Everything is soooo pretty!!
    I love the cake stands! I tried checking the page out but it says it’s not a valid page anymore :/
    Do you happen to know any other website I can purchase similar ones? Thank you :)


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