{Fashion} Piper Street Boutique: spring fashion ideas

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today i am introducing you to an adorable boutique that i love: Piper Street! and getting you ready with some summer and spring fashion ideas! not only do stalk everything that Piper Street has in their shop but i actually owe starting this very blog to one of the founders – jenni.

i’m not sure she even knows this story… she will probably be hearing about this for the first time when she reads this post! a few years back my husband was accepted to the OMFS program that jenni’s husband was just graduating from. the first time we met i was probably naively beaming from the news that my hubby was accepted to this prestigious program and asked with bright eyes if she had any advice… she was honest in her answer and i can never thank her enough for it. she said:  ‘yep, i do. get your own life!’ now before you go thinking that this is a harsh thing to say, we have been in the program now for two years and i can honestly say that was the BEST ADVICE anyone could EVER give. if you have been a reader here for a while you probably remember this post and this post. i rarely see him and when i do he is falling asleep. my kids are my life but they are in bed at 7. i’m a stay at home mom (which i love) but my creative side craves projects and parties and recipes and photography and fashion and the list goes on. from the moment jenni said that, i knew my creative side was going to get quite a bit of attention over the next few years – and eventually that turned into this blog. it has been an amazing journey over the last 3 years and i have jenni to thank for giving me the advice to get it started!

now don’t go thinking that i am recommending her boutique just because i know her – her shop is AWESOME. i would wear every. single. thing. jenni and sarah have partnered to bring you an amazing selection of fashionable, quality pieces. with backgrounds in personal styling and fashion blogging this pair has expertise and great taste. they became friends during playdates and weekend shopping trips and always dreamed about opening a shop someday – and now that is not only a reality but a respected and trending fashion house.

today i am wearing one of the dresses from their first designed collections called ‘Haven’ – you can find it HERE in their shop. this one was so popular it sold out BUT there will be a FEW up for sale today! so hurry and grab one before they are sold out again!  you can get a similar dress ‘Camille‘ and ‘Piper‘ as well. i love it because it is comfortable, fashionable, easy to wear, and i did not have to layer it at all! i wear modest clothing so i am always having to layer tank tops or shirts with sleeves and i LOVE that i didn’t have to do that with this maxi dress! i KNOW you will love their shop as much as i do! they have tons of new arrivals right now so go quick before they sell out!

once i had the dress i realized i had the perfect necklace, but needed the right shoe. i found the kanna shoes at marshalls for a great deal. i love the escadrille and blue suede combo. thanks to my amazing friend and talented photographer Kristy for the pictures!!

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photography by Kristy G Photography { site | facebook }

Haven‘ dress by Piper Street { shop | facebook | instagram }

shoes by kanna { shop }

necklace by Pearls and Beyond {etsy }
note: this necklace can be found for varying prices by searching J.Crew rosette necklace

be sure to check out some of Piper Street’s newest looks

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now go GET SHOPPING before they sell out again!



  1. Mindy, you look amazing in the “Haven” dress! We love how you styled it!!! Thanks so much for the fantastic feature!!! xoxo, Jenni & Sarah