Top Ten Rules for Being a Kid this Summer with Popsicle!

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Popsicle rules for being a kid this summer!

we are counting down the days and getting excited for summer! i recently rounded up 11 totally awesome summer activities for kids so we are getting pumped for pools, lemonade stands, popsicles, flashlight tag, camping, and staying up late! this summer i have the opportunity to partner with  Popsicle® and bring you a summer series on RULES FOR BEING A KID! we will be having adventures and making memories as a family through the summer and sharing our experiences with you! recently i asked my facebook friends what they think it means to be a kid – what are the rules that kids live by – and what they are excited for this summer. i have compiled some of them with my own for our (drumroll please!!!!)

top ten rules for being a kid this summer! 

1. play. eat. play. sleep. repeat.

2. a popsicle a day keeps the doctor away!

3. swimming = i don’t have to take a bath today.

4. make believe, play pretend, and dream big.

5. dirt is fun but mud is more fun.

6. camp outside. even if it is your backyard!

7. create, paint, build, and free your inner artist!

8. if mom says no, ask dad. if dad says no, ask nana. nana always says yes. especially in the summer!

9. if your hands are not sticky, your face isn’t sun kissed, and your are not exhausted at the end of a summer day you are not doing summer right!

10. summer to do list: catch bugs, sleep outside, eat s’mores, have a lemonade stand, ride bikes, pick flowers, have a picnic, play flashlight tag, and swim as often as possible!

Popsicle rules for being a kid

Rules for being a kid this summer with Popsicle!

i would LOVE to hear your ideas and rules for being a kid this summer!!
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  1. Your kids are so darling! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  2. I’m not sure what I’d do with that many popsicles if I won!

  3. Oh my gosh, the Nana rule is so true around here too!

  4. This would be such a fun prize to win! My little guy and all of our neighbor friends could have lots of fun get togethers! :)

  5. Ha! Now these rules are super cute. If I were a kid, I would play by these.

  6. Such a fun giveaway!

  7. Laurie Rudolph says:

    I just remembered one of our old “kid” rules…especially for summer. It has to bleed to get a bandaid. Otherwise your mom and Jon would cover themselves, especially if they were fancy bandaid types.