{Trending Tuesday} Bean Bags Are Back!

Trending Tuesday: Bean Bags are Back | getcreativejuice.com | @mindy_cone

Have you ever thought back to some trends or products that were like a one hit wonder song on the radio? Remember Mambo #5? What ever happened to Lou Bega?? Or who ever thought Furbies would make a comeback? Not me, that’s for sure. Now what about bean bags.. I’m sure we all had one at some point in our lives. {I know I did}

Bean bags used to be a hot commodity back in the day- all the different colors and places you could put them cause they were so lightweight and mobile. They sound great, right? I know what you’re thinking… “Yeah, circa 1997. Pshhh” well think again – bean bags are back. And they’re better than ever.

Now let me tell you a little story about something I encountered quite recently. I was at Target browsing through the home decor section {like I usually do about once a week} yes, once a week – guilty. Well, as I rounded the corner to venture down yet another aisle of goodies. I witnessed a man rolling around on the floor in laughter. My first thought… is this man okay? Did he fall and does he need help up? Then I noticed the pile of old school bean bags laid out across the floor when I realized I had encountered a “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears” scenario right here in the middle of the aisle at Target. Long story short, he was okay. I don’t know if he was simply shopping for his kids and wanted to try them out for himself or he caught himself reminiscing and dreaming of being a kid again for a hot second. Seemed like a little Peter Pan moment if you ask me but hey, who am i to judge? I did not ask. But it was quite the experience from my point of view.

Moral of the story? When I said “better than ever” I meant it. The days of rolling around on the ground trying to get up and out of a bean bag are gone. Bean Bag Boss has created a bean bag (pictured above) that anyone of any age can enjoy!  Check out some of my other favorite bean bag inspiration photos to see just a peek at how you can use bean bags in your home with your kids!

Trending Tuesday: Bean Bags are Back | getcreativejuice.com | @mindy_cone
Fun kids playroom with bright colored bean bags. {House of Turquoise}
Trending Tuesday: Bean Bags are Back | getcreativejuice.com | @mindy_cone
Sophisticated mid century modern kids room with a bean bag for reading time. {La De Dah Kids}
Trending Tuesday: Bean Bags are Back | getcreativejuice.com | @mindy_cone
Such a fun playroom space to inspire creativity and imagination. {Lujo}
Trending Tuesday: Bean Bags are Back | getcreativejuice.com | @mindy_coneTeardrop style bean bags are a fan favorite as well! {Serena & Lily Flickr}

How will you bring back bean bags?

Happy Trending!
xo, Emma


  1. I love when things from our childhood comes back! It brings back such fun memories!