{Party} Nautical Lobster Party

Patton's Birthday Party

my little man is FOUR! what?! how did this happen? i swear i was just swaddling him… when did he turn into this little guy with personality and opinions? its NO secret that he has an obsession with lobsters and crabs. need evidence? here, here, and here. people will probably look at this party and think ‘what 4 year old wants a nautical party with lobsters? she probably picked that theme herself.’… not so my friends. patton had this theme picked out for months! he was having a lobster party and would tell anyone and everyone about it. it would have lobsters and boats and ‘crabbys’. so that is JUST what we did. and he LOVED IT!!!

i knew the first step would be getting a printable design together since that would be the basis of the whole party – and there is not a huge selection of lobster designs out there! i begged lindi of love the day to design it for him when we were paling around at SNAP this year and i knew she would come up with an amazing collection. once i started looking around online for lobster, crab, and nautical gear i found that the best source was Oriental Trading and reached out to them about working together – they are such a wonderful company and had a huge selection! check the list at the end of the post for specific items, but most of the party gear came from there. i also have the BEST local blogger friends – stefani of la belle party planning and everyday party magazine let me borrow several props including the chalkboard and backdrop and the awesome lobster trap table!

this party would not be amazing without the incredible dessert and party vendors – i pretty much can’t host a party without fondant toppers from lynlee’s petite cakes, cake from traylor made treats, and cookies from auntie bea’s bakery! add in custom lollipops from lollipics, candy kabobs from sweets indeed, jelly beans from jelly belly, and party supplies from the tomkat studio – and its a recipe for an amazing lobster party!

oh and did i mention that i took just a few pictures?

Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

Nautical Crab and Lobster Birthday Party

Nautical Birthday Crab and Lobster Fondant cupcake toppers Nautical Birthday Party Decorations Nautical Sail Boat Jello

Nautical Birthday Party Clothes for Kids

Nautical Sugar Cookies - Anchors, Lobsters and More Nautical Party Favor Display with Sailboat

Fondant Crab Cupcake

Nautical Lobster fondant cake Nautical Lobster and Crab balloons

Nautial Anchor candy kabob party favor

Custom Nautical Lollipops with edible imagesNautcal Crab & Lobster Birthday Party

Lobster Utensils Crab Red Pepper Dip - that looks like a crab!

Nautical Birthday Party Ideas!



Oriental Trading

balloons, lobster earrings, crab signs, lobster and crabs, netting, candy containers, red lanterns, soft crab hats, diy crab hat activity, anchor tote bags, lighthouse

Love the DayPrintable Designs

TomKat Sudiostriped baking cups, striped straws, striped favor bags

Lynlee’s Petite Cakesfondant cupcake toppers

Traylor Made Treats cake

Auntie Bea’s Bakerycookies

Lollipics custom lollipops (with edible image)

Sweets Indeedcandy kabobs

Jelly Belly jelly beans

Lobster Shirt etsy

Anchor DressH&M

Anchor Pants – Old Navy

HomegoodsLarge sailboat, crab pillow, bouys

*this is a sponsored post and as such i received product/compensation for inclusion of items in this post


  1. I love it all, friend! Amazing, as usual! The red pepper crab is my fave! ♥

  2. Love it!! Beautiful photos, and the whole set up looks amazing!!

  3. I love all your stuff, but I REALLY love this party! The Jello boats! Those balloons! The pepper crab! All SO fun and creative and cute! Patton picked an awesome theme!

  4. Wonderful! Love every detail! The pepper crab is fab!! Well done it really looks amazing xx

  5. so fun!! love the colors and all the ideas!

  6. All so precious!

  7. Hello I searched for images Birthdays nautical theme for my sons birthday your blog by accident.


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