Patton’s First Day of School!

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Patton's 1st day of school

it’s here. his long awaited & much anticipated first day of school.

we have toured the school, prepped his teachers on all his medications, talked about rules, labeled his lunchbox with his allergies, and said lots of prayers. in the days leading up to school he has shown a bit of anxiety – asking all sorts of questions and many times wrapped his little arms around my neck and said how much he will miss me. after much thought i came up with a plan – he needed a ninja.

everyone has little momentos – my dad carries a silver dollar in his pocket to remember his grandfather, my aunt wears my grandfather’s wedding ring on a necklace, my daughter has a book of pictures from our disneyland trip she reads all the time. symbols. a way to remember. to feel comfort. that is just what patton needed while he was at school. he loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so a little lego ninja would do the trick & fit perfectly in his little pocket. we talked about how ninja turtles are tough, strong, and need to protect themselves. he may be scared or nervous at school but he was tough just like a ninja – he could be brave and strong too. just like his pocket ninja he needed to protect himself from things that are ‘icky’ for his body and be very careful only to eat the snack that i pack for him. ninjas may be tough but they get hurt too – he needed to follow the rules and be extra careful at snack time. we chatted more about rules, what to do if he feels sick, how to ask for his asthma medicine, and how to stay safe. he smiled and put his ninja in his pocket.

it’s no secret that i tend to drive home a theme…. (did you see his lobster party?)
so… we got him a TMNT backpack & his pocket ninja turtle from Target and of course whipped up a ninja turtle apple for his teacher.

TMNT Backpack

TMNT Backpack from Target

TMNT Lego set

TMNT Lego Set from Target

Back to School with TMNT TMNT Lego - Back to school idea TMNT apple!

 Patton 1st day of school

walking out of that classroom after dropping him off with tears brimming on my eyes was one of my hardest mommy moments. i sat in my car in the parking lot and cried and cried. we prepared right? we talked about everything right? knowing that his classmates would be having goldfish for snack that day is truly like leaving your 4 year old in a class with a loaded gun and hoping he is capable enough to remember gun safety. and hoping that his teachers are competent and aware enough to view a goldfish like a gun (a rarity unless you have experience with severe allergies). i eventually pulled out of the parking lot deciding that this is the moment where preparation meets prayer. so i cried and prayed the whole way home.

when i picked him up he was beaming – his first day was wonderful. painting, story time, digging in the sand. he sat next to the teacher at snack. everyone washed hands. only one small glitch: you can’t bring toys to school. his little pocket ninja made an appearance during playtime and the teacher asked that he leave it at home in the future. he was okay with that. and based on how i handled the first day- i think I’M the one who needs the pocket ninja turtle with me anyways!

TMNT backpack from Target    |   TMNT Lego Set from Target

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  1. Glad to hear he had a good day. Such a sweet sweet boy. And such a strong strong momma. xo

    • Ashley it was harder than i expected! i have thought about this day a lot but the moment i saw that they were having goldfish as the classroom snack i freaked out… i have never left him in other’s care while there were things he is allergic to around him. it scares me so much. the teachers are really wonderful but i am still nervous…. i’m sure that won’t change ever but hopefully it gets easier to manage.

  2. Awe, I cried reading this your an amazing Mom! Glad he had a good first day love the idea of the Ninja!

    • i think the ninja idea could work for lots of kids! there its a cute way to have them feel like you are with them and remember to be brave. thanks for commenting susan! xo

  3. Love the pocket ninja SO much! You are an awesome, brave and strong mom. Truly an inspiration in so many ways, Mindy. I adore you!

  4. What a great entry! I didn’t know your little boy had such severe allergies! My son is lactose intolerant and I thought that was bad, I guess I better thank my lucky stars. I’m so glad he had a great first day and I can’t wait to get my son that TMNT lego set!!

    • kenna it is such a relief to have the first week under out belts! every day is still emotional but it seems to be getting a bit easier with time!

  5. Hi! Can you tell me what you used for the apple eye mask?


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