TMNT Party

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TMNT cookies

cowabunga dude! it’s TMNT time!!

last week i posted about patton’s first day of school – and like i said… i tend to roll with a theme… i anticipated that it would be an emotional and stressful day, so i planned a little party for him! something he could look forward to despite some of the school nerves he would be feeling that day. (and quite honestly something to keep my mind busy while he was at school so the time would pass quickly!!)

i invited three of his buddies over to for the TMNT playdate. they each took on one of the TMNT personas and it was so cute! i’m so thankful for these sweet boys – i’m not sure they know how much it meant to patton & i to have them over! i specifically invited older boys that i knew patton looked up to – some were aubrey’s friends or older siblings of his friends. it made the day so special for patton to know that they were coming over to play with HIM! despite how anxious he was for school, we talked about how owen, jack, and jacob would be at school too – and that they would all be coming over afterward to have some fun! i think it took some of the stress away from patton knowing they were at school as well – it must not be that bad after all!  i realize that having this party may seem a bit over the top to some… i mean who throws their kid a first day of school party? but i can’t stress how important this first day was for him. he has been unable to attend school because of his allergies and misses out on so many things… i would do anything to make sure that this day was a memorable, positive, and special experience!

TMNT party ideas!

food & snacks

there were only four boys (and a hovering older sister of course) so i wanted to keep it simple and small with a few different fun options for them. adorable cookies by Auntie Bea’s Bakery green fruit cups, fruit snacks, ninja turtle guacamole, jello, TMNT candy kabobs by Sweets Indeed, and ninja apples!

TMNT sugar cookies TMNT party food - Ninja Turtle Guacamole and chips! Green Party Fruit Cups Green TMNT jello TMNT apples! TMNT candy kabobs

TMNT fruit snacks

toys & favors

each of the boys chose one of the TMNT characters with a role play set from Target. i was lucky to snap a few pictures of them right away because from the moment they put it on, they would not stay still! they were having so much fun playing!

TMNT party favors - Dress up, placemat and cups   TMNT party dress up! TMNT party dress up TMNT party activities & ninja fighting!

in addition to the role play sets, each boy took home a TMNT placemat & cup and a pizza favor box! they were pretty easy to create actually- i picked up pizza boxes from our local pizza shop and cut card stock to cover the logos on the top. i hand drew the turtle shell, outlined it with crayon for some dimension, then hand cut the belt and letters. they were filled with a notebook, pen, fruit snacks and a coordinating TMNT toy to go with their character!

TMNT party favor boxes

TMNT party favor boxes - use pizza boxes!


i didn’t plan many activities because i assumed that they would be pretty busy with the role play – but decided to make slime with them! it was just 4 ingredients (water, glue, borax, and food dye – see the instructions here from patton’s science party) so they were able to do most of it themselves. after they played with it i divided it up so they could take it home!

TMNT slime - party activity! How to make TMNT slime! TMNT party activity - How to make slime!

they had so much fun! patton was beaming the whole time with his ninja turtle older buddies. i’m so thankful he has such great role models in his life and they are sweet enough to include him and make him feel special on his first day of school!

TMNT role play toys

TMNT toys

TMNT party pack  (plates, napkins, cups, balloons and more)

TMNT t-shirts

TMNT sugar cookies by Auntie Bea’s Bakery

TMNT candy kabobs by Sweets Indeed


this was a pretty typical photo from the day – it was hard to keep them still!

TMNT party dress up

TMNT Party Ideas

This post is sponsored by Target. More Turtles, More Bold and Daring Fun: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Target.


  1. Perfect as always! I especially love the turtle pizza boxes!

    • thank you Britni! they were pretty easy to make too! the pizza guy was a bit confused when i told him what they were for though lol!

  2. Oh, wow! The gauc is perfect!!! LOL. All of this is so clever and looks so easy to pull off! Great ideas Mama!

  3. Looks like the boys had so much fun! Love all the little details!!

  4. Those apples are the cutest! I might have to make a few to put in my husband’s lunch!!! 😉

  5. This is such a creative and cute party! I love the guac and apples in particular. What an awesome way to commemorate his first day at school – he’ll never forget it!

  6. Adorable party, Mindy! My favorites are the lanterns, the guac and those apples, lol! Fun!!

  7. So cute!

  8. I love this! Those apples are perfect – what a great idea (and a great way to get kids to eat a healthy snack!)

  9. This is too cute! Those cookies are amazing!

  10. Oh Mindy, made my heart happy to see your Patton having such fun. Such a blessing that these boys did whatever was needed to make sure he felt safe and secure about school but also that they took the time to let Patton know and feel that people care and that he mattered. Warmed my heart this party was amazing loved all the details and those cookies, and slime Wow. My favorite is the apples though too cute for words. So happy for Patton and for Momma too!

  11. What did you use to draw the smiles on the green apples?

  12. Katie Meyers / Meyers Styles says:

    These pizza box favors & all the foods are beyond darling!! You knocked it out of the park!

  13. This party is completely amazing! I love all the details you’ve included.

  14. Those pizza favor boxes are FANTASTIC! :)

  15. I wish there were parties like this when the TMNT originally came out! I was a HUGE fan. Super cute party.

  16. This looks like a little boys dream party! You are so creative girl!

  17. such a fun theme & all of the details that you did are amazing (as usual) 😉 LOVE it!

  18. Tonya (Soiree Event Design) says:

    LOVED the party! Thanks for the link to Target…my son is a huge TMNT fan and having all the TMNT items on one link was such a timesaver as I shop early for Christmas.

  19. So many great ideas here, but I can’t get over those outrageously cute apples!

  20. Great party & LOVE the pizza boxes!!

  21. So many creative details!! Love the pizza box party favors and the apples and the lanterns.. the list goes on!

  22. Toni Thomason says:

    How fun is this! We are all about TMNT here now too. The pizza boxes are super awesome and love the ooze!!!

  23. Tiffany Zabel says:

    I clicked the link to view the TMNT t-shirts…and was happy that they offered some cute girl choices as well. Because really…what girl doesn’t like a turtle!

  24. I love the decor, styling and food details! You created a perfect balance between bringing in the TMNT characters but not making it overdone. Simplistic, effective and SO RAD! There are so many great DIY ideas. I can’t wait for my son to get a bit older so I can throw him a TMNT party. I enjoyed making the Candy Kabobs and appreciate the fantastic photos. This party rocks!

  25. Love these ideas! I am going to share your page to my sister-in-law who has twin boys! oh! these look amazing!

  26. what size pizza boxes did you get? wondering if i’ll be able to find card stock big enough to cover the top.

    • i am pretty sure these are medium pizza boxes from dominos. you could always do the small boxes just to be sure! i used 12×12 card stock paper from the craft store

  27. Michelle Christie says:

    The picture at the top of the page has the four turtle faces hanging. Are they made out of the lantern material you’d find in the summer? My sun is having a TMNT party in the spring and I love that idea.

  28. Awesome! What did you use on the apples for the masks? Fruit roll-ups?


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