TMNT Popsicles!

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TMNT popsicle for kids! Easy and cute!

so if you haven’t noticed… we have been on a bit of a TMNT kick lately! my son is really in love with them! they got us through the first day of school & we had a TMNT back to school party – complete with ninja guacamole and apples. and while it may feel like fall in other parts of the country – it sure it hot here in California! we are enjoying Popcisle® after school, soccer practice, on the weekends, and just about any time we have been out running errands – pumpkin recipes just don’t feel right. but Popsicle® – they are perfect!

i used the same idea as the TMNT apples for these popsicles – using candy eyeballs and fruit-by-the foot. the best green popsicles to use are the Air Heads Popsicle® – watermelon flavor. have you had this kind? they are my favorite – i love the texture. the melt a bit slower and really truly taste like Air Heads! i looooove them! mystery is my favorite. what the heck is it anyways? don’t know. but its good.

i’m sure our days of 90 degree weather are winding down – this week officially marked the beginning of fall – but looking back at our Top Ten Rules for Being a Kid i think we had a great summer! if you still have some on your bucket list now is the time! check out the Guidebook for even more ideas!

TMNT Popsicle TutorialTMNT popsicle idea TMNT popsicle tutorial - easy and cute!  TMNT popsicles for kids!

its such a simple idea but so much fun! it can’t really be that complicated because well its a Popsicle® so its already pretty yummy and you don’t have long before it melts! but my kids really loved it. of all the rules for being a kid we made for ourselves this summer, creating joy in the simple things has been at the top. i love feeling like a super mom with just a few little tricks and surprises for them. i’m not sure what specific things they will remember…you never really know what sticks… but i KNOW they will remember what an awesome summer we had together!!!