Christmas Trees – What is your style?

every year i say that i’m going to try something different for our christmas decor – i’m very traditional and decorate mostly in green and red. this year i have decided that i will put a second tree in the front room and it is going to be something totally different! i have been looking around for ideas and have realized that there are so many choices for a theme… help! what is your favorite way to decorate your christmas tree? do you have more than one? christmas trees are the most popular accessories during the yuletide season and many people invest in them to feel the spirit of giving – i want our tree to be beautiful and inspiring! but first i need to decide on a style…

Modern & bright

MODERN AND BRIGHT – what could be more joyful that bright and fun colors! i have always admired this fun color scheme browsing through the ornaments around christmas time… maybe this is the year i am brave enough to try it! (photo source)

Snowy White

GREEN & WHITE — deep green colors and snowy white accents make this theme dreamy! i love the green palate in this photo… i’m not sure i can pull this off though! (photo source)


FLOCKED BLUE & WHITE – to flock or not? this photo makes me think yes! i love the blue and snowy flocked tree combo. this would go great with the dark furniture in my front room so its definitely a contender for my new tree theme! (photo source)

gold christmas tree

GOLDEN TREE — classy and stunning… this is one of my favorite ideas! i love how the gold accents on the tree catch the light! (photo source)

what do you think? which should i go with?!