Halloween Decorations Home Tour – Quick and Easy Ideas

Halloween Tablescape & Home Decoration Ideas

this year i have decorated a bit around the house for halloween and wanted to share some of the fun ideas for halloween decorations! they were all easy & quick! i usually just decorate with a ‘fall’ theme around my house — mostly because i’m lazy and can leave it up for 2 months instead of just for halloween. but this year i added a few halloween specific decorations into the mix. if you are lazy like me, i suggest focusing on one area of your house – concentrating the decorations in one area makes it feel like you did a lot, when in fact most of the house looks the same. i decided on our main dining area since you can see it from most areas in the house, you can see it from the front door area, and lets be honest… we spend most of our time there anyways!

i also focused on inexpensive, big impact decorations like spiderwebs, paper spiders, window clings, and one humongus spider my son would not let me leave the store with…. i said no until i realized it was 50% off…. $12 isn’t too bad for a huge spider right?! most of the supplies are from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and are part of the Martha Stewart Halloween line.

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note:  i will admit that most of the pics i took had groceries in the background, socks on the floor, crumbs under the table, and blurry kids running through them. i’m choosing to show you the ‘clean angles’ through the magic of careful photo selection – but trust me. they are right outside the frame!

Washi Tape Spider Web for your Wall - easy DIY tutorial

this spider web was a TOTAL last minute decision. i had some black washi tape and a few extra 3D spiders. it took a few minutes and is a great easy decoration- even if you don’t have the spiders it would still look pretty cool in the corners of your home.  i’ll be posting a follow up with the directions, but it was pretty easy (you could probably figure it out just by looking at it, but if not i’ll have a step by step soon). just beware… i am 5’2 so i had to stand on a stool that was on a chair to hang it! if you hubby is tall & willing i would task him with this job!

i would love to hear your easy go-to decorations – how do you dress up your house?


  1. Love this!!

  2. Hilary Boyce says:

    As usual you are clever and in top if your game. Wonderful ideas!

  3. Super clever and cute!