Splatter Paint Party for Kids

Splatter Paint party

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate summer than two of kids’ most favorite activities- Painting and Splashing!  Summer is a time to make a mess, be carefree, and have fun.  Juicy Juice can help with all of that!  Britni of Play. Party. Pin. decided to throw a bash to celebrate summer for all the little kids she knows and this party came out a total Splash, literally!  I love how she made a faux cake with a bunch of the Juicy Juice boxes and used the splatter paint duct tape to hold them together.  All the goodies were amazingly done- the splatter paint party cake pops and the chocolate dipped rice krispy paintbrushes.  All the kids had a blast with the various activities that she set up, such as making their own mix of juices to drink, plastic fruit squirt toys, chalking it up outside, building with the juice boxes, and so much more!  Everyone got their fair share of sugar and wholesome fun!
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Britni said: I always say that if I could go back to school just to learn and not have to do any of the work, I would. Learning is one of my favorite things to do, and today I am so excited to share my latest party with you because it combines learning with two of my other favorite things, playing and Juicy Juice! So if you’re looking for a fun summer party idea, invite friends over for a splatter and splash summertime paint party bash.

When everyone arrived, they were greeted with a cute splash zone sign on the front door, warning them of the messy fun ahead.  Adding a paint splatter table runner made my plastic tablecloth seem more exciting than it really was. And plus, when the kids spilled on the table runner, you couldn’t really tell because it was paint splattered anyway. Perfect!

For the actual food, I went with simple things that I know most kids like starting with peanut butter and jelly splatter shaped sandwiches. One of my favorite party food tricks is to use a cookie cutter to make something go from ordinary to memorable.  I also wanted to give them some smart snacks to go with their sandwiches so I served fresh fruit in colorful cups to match the rest of the bright colors.

I also served Don’t Splash Smoothies that I made with frozen fruit, Juicy Juice, and ice. And on the other side, juicesicles to keep the kids cooled off. Another fun party tip, think outside of the box when it comes to using ingredients. Juice doesn’t just have to be served as juice; it can also be turned into smoothies and popsicles!

Last but not least, I had to have a couple of treats for the kids because what party doesn’t have treats? I love serving cake pops to kids rather than a full cake and bonus, kids seem to love them! I put the splatter paint cake pops in spilled paint can jars that I filled with chocolate candies that matched the spilled paint. You could also just have white cake pops and let the kids “splatter” them with frosting before eating them if you run out of activity ideas.

Now of course you can’t serve food without drinks, especially when you have kids playing outside in the hot sun, so I created a cute juice bar on my back deck full of yummy Juicy Juice options. The kids were encouraged to make a splash, aka their favorite juice mixture.

As a thank you for coming, each of the kids was given a bag full of all sorts of goodies for having their own splatter and splash bash at home. Each of the kids was first given their choice of My First Crayola Crayons, Color Wonder Overwraps (no mess, yay!), or Crayola Sidewalk Chalk.   The bags also included these crayon gummies, squirt guns, and bouncy balls.


juice – Juicy Juice
art supplies – Crayola 
kiddie pool, duct tape, toy favors, and chocolate candies – Oriental Trading Company
printable designs – Swish Printables
sunscreen party favors – Kate Aspen 
table runner and fabric bunting – Cupcake with Character
paintbrush rice krispy treats – Sweet U Off Your Feet 
paint splatter cake pops – Niecey’s Sweets
picture frame cookies – Cara Bella Creations by Shauna
tissue and circle garland – Fancy and Fold
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party styling and photography – Play. Party. Pin.Splatter Paint and Splash Party (with Juicy Juice) collage

Splatter Paint and Splash Party (with Juicy Juice) collage photo