New Years Party & Outfit Inspiration with HP Sprout

 this post is in partnership with HP Sprout but all opinions are my own. you will love this amazing new technology and i am so excited to introduce you to it. thank you for supporting the fabulous brands that make this blog possible!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i’ll admit, i’m more of a new years homebody – but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming up what i would want to sport that night (you know if my hubby were not gone with the military the next two months and my kids were not sick in bed). i have rounded up some of my favorite looks (most of them really affordable) and party decorations using my new Sprout PC by HP. even if it is just the hubby and i on new years at home i try to make it special with a few fun bits of party decor. gold and black are a classic but also modern theme to ring in the new year with so below are some of my fav party supplies to make the night special!  (All the links can be found at the end of the post)

New Years Eve Party Decorations

these collages were really fun to make and super easy with my new favorite toy — my HP Sprout! i’m so excited to introduce this amazing technology and honored to be among the group of bloggers chosen to experience it for the first time.

it is SO. DANG. COOL.

HP Sprout

this home PC is the perfect tool for creative people – it uses touch technology and an HP illuminator to project and capture hi-res 3-D images. the interactive touch mat in front of the computer acts as a second screen and a creative station. you can place objects on the touch mat and capture real time photos to use in your projects. you can see in the photo above how the mat acts as a second touch screen – cool huh?!

for example –— the black earrings in the first photo are a captured photo of my own earrings! i placed them on the mat, captured the photo, and the HP Sprout created a png image of them for projects. i pulled the other photos from around the web on the main computer screen and placed them into the collage with a simple finger swipe downward onto the mat. from there, i can arrange and manipulate the photos. i can even write over the project – the ‘new years eve’ text in the first collage is my handwriting captured into a text overlay.

 there are so many applications for this technology – creative digital files, photo tutorials, photo holiday and greeting cards, digital scrapbook pages with real objects, party printables, apps with games for all ages, creating artwork and designs by turning your physical artwork into digital art, and so much more.

in my next post i’ll share with you a few ways my kids are loving it– a few of their favorite apps, as well as how they are incorporating their favorite toys into their artwork!

check out these videos (scroll down a bit once you click on the page) and how they are using Sprout by HP to create amazing project for work, family, and fun! you can also follow along on social media by using #sproutbyhp – there are some amazing bloggers putting their creative minds to work using this new technology and their projects are awesome!

 oh and here are the links to the products in the collages above!!


bow clutch

black bootie heels

dress (looks like skirt and top)

lace blouse


hair tutorial

black and gold party supplies

new years eve party table & poppers


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