BASH Conference Wrap Up & Presentations

BASH 2015

this weekend was AMAZING. i’m not sure how i can wrap it all up into one post but i’ll sure try. BASH conference inaugural year opened with a bang at the fabulous wigwam hotel in  phoenix arizona this weekend and i could not have had a better time! my dear friend michelle of maddycakes muse event planning hosted the industry’s top bloggers and party planners and knocked out socks off with the venue, classes, keynote speakers, and her over the top event experiences!

it was one of those things that we will all look back on and be proud to say we were ‘there at the beginning’… there was such a special vibe about being there…. i can only explain it by saying that i walked away a different person. i grew personally and professionally as i had never imagined. i spoke and became friends with women i have been inspired by for years. i had the opportunity to teach classes about things i am passionate about and hopefully was able to inspire something in others. i got to watch michelle realize a dream and achieve something so remarkable. i loved hanging out with my amazing roomies (its good to have a cookie decorator as your roomie! love bethany’s bash cookies in the pic above!) and admiring the ridiculous talent of those who entered the tabletop competition (my other roomie donna’s table was amazing!). we danced, we laughed (until tears streamed down my face thanks to lynlee), we ate, we partied, we sang karaoke (with amy atlas – #epic), we learned, we cried (yes. michelle made me cry with her closing speech), and we grew together as a community.

although meeting everyone was a highlight, i must say i am so impressed with kim, jen, amy, & eddie – some of them who i have met before and others i met for the first time. they blew me away with their talent, advice, and most of all humility. i am honored to have met them and touched by their sincerity and personalities! and of course it was so fun to hang out with the sponsors! i loved seeing jelly belly — even though the are right down the road & we have know each other and worked together for a long time now, it was so fun to get to hang out with them in arizona! i LOVED meeting the wilton team as well – these girls were a hoot! a big thanks to them for sponsoring the fun cookie decorating class with the amazing jenny cookies! there were so many classes that i loved but i must admit some of my fav were the inspirational alison, amanda, and kirstin! i took more of the blogger classes but heard wonderful things about the party planning classes track as well!!

the BASH team did an outstanding job and we were all so grateful for their hard work!

i can’t wait until next year!!!

BASH 2015 Collage

as i mentioned before i had the opportunity to teach two classes – one on monetizing your blog and the second on writing a book. i promised the attendees that i would post the power point to the monetizing class so here it is! i made a few changes – removing a few slides with sponsor info or personal numbers, but for the most part it is the same. while this is available to everyone, there will be some slides that don’t make a ton of sense… conferences are one of those things that you just have to be there for… but hopefully this will help others on their quest to make money blogging. i am happy to answer any questions as well – post them in the comments here though so if others have the same question they can see your comments too!

BASH Monetization Presentation


  1. Loved your class! Thanks for the notes! Can’t wait to use them!!

    • thanks brenda! i am in LOVE with my clutch! i still haven’t unpacked (shhhh don’t tell lol) but when i finally do i’ll show it off!!! you are so talented and i am so glad i got the chance to meet you! hope we get the chance to visit with each other again soon! xoxo

  2. Such a wonderful recap, Mindy!! I love to finally meeting you and hope our paths cross again very soon!! xoxo

    • i feel the same kim! meeting you was def one of the highlights of the trip! i know our paths will cross again but until then, all my best to you and your family! xo

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the recap!!! It was such a treat to finally meet you!! You are such a doll and you class was amazing!! Hope to see you again!! xoxo

    • you are such a sweetheart! i loved meeting you and LOVED your costumes!! let me know if there is anything i can help with! xoxo

  4. Hey Mindy! Just wanted to pop over and say, “Hi!” So glad we got to meet at BASH. I enjoyed visiting with you over lunch and can’t wait until we have an opportunity to chat again soon. Hugs! –b

    • agree! i seriously loved meeting you guys! i am hopeful we will have the chance to cross paths again – and something tells me we will! xoxo

  5. Thank you so much for your note your class was amazing I learned a lot… XO :)

  6. You looked so cute too! That’s worth mentioning! :)
    So glad to hear so many positive things about the event!! Who know, maybe I’ll make the trip next year!! ♥

  7. Great moments shared by all! BASH was absolutely amazing!!!! Cannot wait for 2016!

  8. Oh Mindy! It was so great to see you again. You are so genuine, sweet and just darling. Your class was great! Thank you for taking time to share with us!! Hope to see you again soon! XO

  9. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. That pool looks so nice! I can’t wait for warmer weather.

  10. Thanks so much for posting! The chart was particularly helpful. I’ve found it very overwhelming to look at all of the ad company options as a whole. The breakdown was just the information I needed. Hope to make BASH next year. It looked like so much fun!