DIY Yarn Ball Number Sign Tutorial

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I love doing things myself for the parties I throw.  It is so much fun, especially when you can get the kids involved.  Amy of A Dazzle Day put together the cutest little Kitty party and I fell in love with her yarn ball number 3 and knew I had to see if I could do that myself!  It is so easy to do, and you can variate the colors to match your decor or party.  It doesn’t have to be a number, it could even be an initial, or even a full name!  Add embellishments to it to jazz it up.  Be sure to check out the party she did this number 3 for- simply amazing!

DIY Yarn Ball Number Sign, Supplies Needed
DIY Yarn Ball Number Sign, Wrapping Styrofoam with Yarn DIY Yarn Ball Number Sign, Next Step in Wrapping Styrofoam balls DIY Yarn Ball Number Sign, Insert Toothpick in the Yarn wrapped ball DIY Yarn Ball Number Sign, Attatch two yarn wrapped balls together

This is a fun project for your yarn or kitty cat theme parties. This is very easy to make and looks really cute.  Here is the link to my Pink Kitty Cat party with the yarn ball sign.

What you will need:

– Yarns
– Styrofoam balls
– Glue gun
– Pins
– Toothpicks

First, wrap your yarn around the Styrofoam ball and use your pin to fix your yarn in place.

Then you connect each yarn wrapped balls together with toothpicks.  You might need some glue to make sure they stay together.  Depending on the number you would like to create, work around connecting all the balls together.

Here is the number 3 sign I made for my kitty cat party!  Enjoy!
Yarn Ball Number Sign DIY tutorial