Easy DIY Super Bowl Party Ideas!

Super Bowl sunday DIY party ideas


So, you’re hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday with all of your friends & family. Whether it’s a pot luck style or you are going to take on the challenge of making everything for yourself (I commend you for that one) You’ve still got to think about the decorations. Here are my favorite DIY ideas for pulling off that winning look! These are super bowl party ideas you have to try!

1. Chalkboard Sign – This sign will add the finishing touches to your overflowing table on Sunday. Don’t have a chalkboard? Create a print out and place it in a frame for the same effect!

2. Football Utensil Cups – Soup cans are re-useable again. Never thought you’d hear that again since the days of the can & string telephone. Right? Paint these bad boys with brown paint (or brown construction paper for a less time consuming option) and paint some stitches on them and fill them up with all the plastic utensils that will be necessary for a football fiesta.

3. Penalty Flag Napkins – Another easy decor idea for the books right here. Everyone needs napkins, especially if wings are on the menu. Yellow napkins from the party store will pair perfectly with a ‘penalty flag sign’

4. Football Field Table Runner – Cleaning up after something like a football party is probably the most dreadful thing a hostess can think of. Your house is full of people jumping up and down and not taking they’re eyes off the tv even if they’re spilling chili all over the place.. Clean up will be so easy and painless with this football field table runner/ table cloth! Kids craft paper won’t let you down this time!

Super Bowl sunday DIY party ideas


What’s a Super Bowl party without all the yummy delicious food? Let’s get down to business and go through a few of my favorites… They’re so easy and simple with an added football flair. Now, which one am I going to bring to my super bowl party??

1. Football Cookies and Cream Dip – Sometimes I wish Mindy and I lived closer so I could be her professional taste tester. But her recipe for this dip looks to be fool proof! You’ll be taking an empty plate home on Sunday if you bring this!

2. Football Snack Bags – Individual servings of endless possibilities… YES PLEASE. This will help with making cleanup easier, especially if your team is winning since the excitement will definitely cause a mess.

3. Super Bowl Rings – Takes me back to the penny candy store I used to go to as a kid.. If you can snag some ring pops, throw them in a bowl and add a sign saying ‘super bowl rings’ Ta-Da!

4. Ice Cream Sandwich Footballs – Running short on time but don’t want to be empty handed? Don’t think your cooking skills are confident enough to take on that buffalo chicken dip? These football themed ice cream sandwiches are for you! They’re easy to pull off and who doesn’t love an old school ice cream sandwich?

Super Bowl sunday DIY party ideas


I may be a little biased here, but these are my favorite DIY ideas for a Super Bowl themed party! Can we talk about how simple these are? They’ll add so much to your hosting skills everyone will be wanting to know your secrets! Here are my 4 favorite Super Bowl drink ideas:

1. Water Break Pitcher – While water would make sense here, you could also fill this up with iced tea, lemonade or anything else you have planned for the evening. Got to keep your guests hydrated!

2. Referee Water Bottles – Another easy idea, great for those last minute party planners! black and white stripe paper taped over the label and a whistle for added annoyance during the big game!

3. Goal Post Drinks – Annnndd Mindy takes the cake again! Creative Juice really is the place to get your best ideas! Add something green and you’ve got your signature party drink of the night!

4. Possession Drink Name Tags – These name tags are perfect for not only the football theme, but no one will be mixing up their drinks with these! Free Printables Included!!

Which of these great ideas will you be bringing to your Super Bowl Party this weekend?

Super Bowl Sunday DIY Party Ideas