Inspiring My Daughter With Science

Free Printable nature scavenger hunt for kids

as a former biology teacher, (yeah – wouldn’t have guessed it huh?!) i am passionate about getting kids excited about nature and science – call it my geeky side, but i hope my kids grow up to be inquisitive about the world around them and enjoy science and math classes in school. camping, hiking, exploring, and sending them to great summer camps like Camp Galileo  is a great way to get them excited about learning these subjects that are often intimidating for kids in school.

while women make up 47% of the US workforce, we are greatly underrepresented in particular fields such as environmental science & geoscience (25%), chemical engineering (13.7%), electrical engineering (8.8%), and mechanical engineering (4.5%) – ( Source ). because of this, i am particularly vested in creating this desire in my daughter. i want her to know she can be anything she wants by exposing her to a variety of sciences at an early age and refraining from solely encouraging her toward stereotypical idealized female careers. i try to teach my daughter to do everything that i would my son – from lego building, to circuit building, to exploring the outdoors, and beyond. so each time we have a fun outdoor activity – she is leading the charge!

i want to encourage others to get out and enjoy nature as well – so this is a FREE PRINTABLE nature scavenger hunt for you and your family! you can download it by visiting here.

Nature hike with kids

Nature Hike with Kids

i love her intensity and interest in the world around us! we talked about lichens and symbiotic relationships. we saw a beetle and talked about the different classifications for organisms. i could see ideas click into place and loved watching her build confidence in biology.

as a mom, it can be challenging to keep her thinking and motivated like this during summer break, so i am a big fan of how bay area Camp Galileo summer camp incorporates fun, science, art,  and outdoor experiences for all the campers. the opportunities for learning are tremendous and the activites are challenging and unique. while attending the pre-k – 5th grade Camp Galileo, she can learn the art and engineering of san fransisco, make real world inventions, or study the science of climbing mount everest! kids who are between 5th and 8th grade can dive into more specific weekly camps – how cool is it to attend a video game design or website design camp?! or build a go-kart? the art academy or culinary arts track provides many opportunities to develop skills like photography, filmmaking or explore international recipes.

check out their site and see which location is closest to you

and use the code : 2015INNOVATE for $30 off!

Plus, if you register by March 2nd, you will save $20 per week at Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest or $10 per class ($20 off a full day) at Summer Camps @ The Tech. Early bird savings apply automatically to your camp purchase and can be combined with the multi-session discount.

Huge thank you to Galileo Learning for sponsoring today’s discussion and helping me find ways to keep my kids learning over the summer!

Free Printable nature scavenger hunt and other nature activities for kids


  1. Huge thumbs up on this post, Mindy! Get ’em outside! And remember that especially at their age, creativity and lots of other skills and social behaviors are learned through free play. Loose parts from nature play an important role – naturally found such as a pile of downed twigs and branches that can be used to build a fort or tiny fairy house, or created from natural materials like a bunch of “tree cookies” cut from a branch or log to use like building blocks. There are lots of ideas for parents, caregivers and teachers online. Check out the Children and Nature Network, or the Maryland Partnership for Children In Nature’s Nature Play Spaces :)

  2. Such a cute and great idea! Love your pictures. :o)

  3. Fabulous – I love that this is encouraging girls in science and exploration. The printable is great as well.. a wonderful way to get them outside! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like an amazing summer camp, Mindy! And thanks for the printable–perfect excuse to get outside and get some fresh air!

  5. Wow! This sounds so awesome! My daughter would absolutely LOVE attending a camp like this! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  6. What a fun way to get her outdoors and exploring!

  7. Mindy this is SUCH a great idea and I love the printable! xoxo

  8. Great Education for Kids at these camps!

  9. What an amazing camp program! When I lived in CA as a kid, I attended Harbor Math Science Gifted Magnet, and it was like getting to go to school every day at one of those kinds of camps. I went to a lot of different schools as an Air Force kid, and that school still stands out as a shining example of amazing education (and FUN, too!). I wish I could send my girls to camp Galileo to give them a taste of the experience I had! We’ll have to make due with lots of fun science experiments at home.