8 Punny Valentine Ideas {FREE printables}

Everyone loves a good pun right? These free ‘PUNNY’ printables will have your Valentine smiling all day long! Great ideas for all ages!

8 Easy DIY Valentines Day Valentine Ideas

Hey There! Emma here from Defined Designs! Valentines day is right around the corner and if you have little ones in school, I’m sure they want nothing more than the best box of ‘frozen’ valentines to give to their friends. And while I, as a confident twenty something can agree, yes it’s a great movie… I’ve always been a little more of a homemade valentine girl myself!

I always loved seeing the variety in everyones valentines at school. There was always a guarenteed mix of store bought and homemade and anything DIY was right up my alley. Whether you found yourself here looking for some DIY valentines day inspiration, or you would love to just sit back and reminisce with me – Let’s get right down to it and discuss my favorite and puny valentine ideas!

Another thing I always loved about DIY valentines is that there were always two kinds. When it comes to homemade valentines, there was a very good chance you either got an edible valentine or a valentine with a small gift or object included. Edible valentines were great as a kid (who doesn’t love a kid loaded up with sugar) Here’s my top 4 ‘punny’ Edible Valentines:

1. There’s nobody I love S’more than You! {free printable} Snack Mix Included!

2. I’m Hooked on You! {free printable}

3. You are my Perfect Match! {free printable}

4. You’re Awesome Sauce Valentine {free printable}

8 Easy DIY Valentines Day Valentine Ideas

Next to the edible homemade valentines, the gift valentines were always just as high up there. Everything red and pink for the holiday and fun little items that became so special because the valentine had so much thought into it. I love the creative use of Burts Bee’s lip balm in number 6! Here’s my top 4 ‘punny’ Gift Valentines:

1. You’re All Write! {free printable}

2. BEE My Valentine {free printable}

3. Valentine, you make my Heart Glow {free printable}

4. I think you’re exSTRAW special {free printable}

Do you have a favorite homemade Valentine you always resort to? Let us hear all about your childhood Valentines!

8 Easy DIY Valentines Day Valentine Ideas


  1. Great round up!! I love punny Valentine’s!! Thanks for including my AwesomeSAUCE printables!! Hope you’re having a great week!!