Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

today’s new moms are more concerned than ever with reliable, responsible, and safe products for their new little ones. the best baby shower gift ideas for the modern mom are those that represent these important ideals. it seems that i am attending baby showers at least once a month in this phase of my life, so i have a few go-to items that are perfect for a modern expecting momma.

for lots of reasons – i stick with The Honest Company. i love that their mission is to inspire and empower families to live a healthy lifestyle! one that is conscious of the world around them by offering products that have safe ingredients (non-toxic & tested), focus on environmental sustainability, and are downright adorable in design. with so many things to think about as a mom – let alone a NEW mom – it is awesome to have a company you can trust to provide quality, safe products while also educating and empowering you to make decisions for your family. The Honest Company has a long standing reputation for their home and personal care products and have recently launched the new feeding category with everything from formula to nursing scarves. whether the new mom plans to breastfeed or formula feed (or some combination of the two) there are products that would make an amazing baby shower gift.

Baby Shower Gift Idea for the Modern Mom from The Honest Co.

this is one of my recent baby shower gifts with some of my favorite items. this new mom was planning on trying a combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding –

Baby DHA – carefully sourced from premium fish oil with a five star IFOS rating

Organic nipple balm – new moms will not even know they need this yet but it is a life saver!

Natural Feeding Baby Bottle – innovative design with a tri-vent and squeezable bottle

Natural Feeding Peristalic Nipples – designed of help the baby transition from breast to bottle easily

my other favorites are the Nursing Pillow and the 2-in-1 Nursing Cover and Scarf. next time you go to a baby shower add these to your gift! empower a new mom with quality, safe products she can trust!


this conversation was sponsored by The Honest Company but all opinions are my own. I am proud to support brands that care about their customers and the environment. thank you for supporting these brands as well!