How to clean hardwood floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

are you a clean-as-you-go type person? or a do-it-all-later cleaner? turns out i’m a PERFECTIONIST.

no really. that is what the quiz said!! 

what type of cleaner are you? i must say i was a bit surprised by my result, but my husband was probably more surprised… i think HE is the perfectionist in our family!

the hardest part to keep clean in my home is the floors! most of my downstairs is hardwood floors so with messy kids and an on-the-go schedule i have been looking for a go-to cleaning solution. i love Bona® hardwood floor cleaner! it dries quickly, leaves no streaks (that is my BIGGEST complaint about others i have tried in the past), and i LOVE that the solution is easy to dispense with the squeeze of the handle. the cleaners are non-toxic, safe, effective, and greenguard certified so when my kids end up on the floor playing (which is pretty much always) i don’t have to worry. there are Bona products for all types of floors so be sure to check them out here.

How to clean hardwood floors

if you take the ‘Keep It Clean Personality quiz you also enter for a chance to win a Bona® Hardwood Floor Mop Express instantly and registering will enter you for the chance to win a year of cleaning services for your home and the Grand Prize: a trip for 4 to Hawaii! yes please!!!

if you check out the Bona site you can get a $3 off coupon as well!

AND if you are like me, then i’m always on the lookout for shortcuts when cleaning!

check out the 25+cleaning hacks for your home in this post here.

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  1. Laurel G says:

    Haha I am not a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning, I wish I was!

  2. this looks like it does such a great job! Love your floors.