25+ Spring Cleaning Hacks for your Home

 25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to

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It’s that time of year again! Spring is right around the corner and even though all of this cold weather might not be reassuring, we’ve got spring cleaning to think about and keep us busy! Each year when this time of year comes around, there are so many items check off the list. Should you donate the kids old clothes, scrub the bathroom until it sparkles, create more storage space or tackle the kitchen? What will you do first? No need to stress, we have pulled together your ultimate guide to spring cleaning! All of the tips, tricks, ideas and hacks are at your fingertips in one spot.

A few quick tips to tackle that never ending list:

  • Start by organizing your to do list and making sure you are prepared with all of your cleaning supplies.
  • Pick a room and stick with it. The instant gratification from completing a space will give you the will power to stick it out and complete everything.
  • Plan out your DIYs. Set aside enough time to get everything done properly, especially if you are hanging things or installing shelves, etc. Like they always say, “measure twice, cut once!”
  • Reward yourself. Completing spring cleaning is a daunting task! Go get your nails done after or something, at least that’s what I would do!

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

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1. For a stress free cleaning spree, always start with making sure you have everything you need to get the job done. I love the idea of keeping everything together in a bucket so you don’t find yourself running back and forth to find more supplies or that window cleaner you forgot downstairs under the kitchen sink! Get the cleaning kit list on Martha Stewart, or check out this list for a well stocked cleaning cabinet on Good Housekeeping.

2. Did you know WebMD could give you such great cleaning advice? Learn how microwaving your sponges can kill germs and bacteria in 2 minutes. Check it out here.

25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to

3. Surprising things you can clean in your dishwasher. This list is mind blowing, check it out here.

4. 116 items to dispose of. Donate, recycle, sell, throw it in the trash – however you want to get rid of it, check out the list here.

5. 77 uses for Baking Soda… other than cooking! Check them out here.

6. 5 things most people forget to clean. You’d be surprised at some of these!! See what you might be forgetting and how to clean it here.

7. 22 tips on how to really clean your home. These are pretty detailed tips to make sure you don’t forget anything! Check them out here.


8. Get organized under your sink for less than $10. Check it out here.

25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to

9. Did you know that you should never use soap on a cast iron pan?? Get schooled in Cast Iron 101 and learn how to care for your pans here.

10. Clean your microwave with minimal effort. No Scrubbing, no harsh chemicals. Get the details here.

25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to

11. Clean your garbage disposal with an ice cube tray. Get the recipe for success here.

12. Remove rust from kitchen items with a potato. Yes, that’s right.. a potato. Even those knives that have rust spots. Check it out here.

13. How to clean your dishwasher. Yes, that needs cleaning sometimes too! Check out how, here.


25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to

14. Cleaning your shower head.. How does someone even do that? Grab a plastic bag, some vinegar and let it sit over night. Get all the details here.

15. Decluttering is key when it comes to spring cleaning. Installing a toiletry shelf above a door keeps everything handy but out of the way. This idea would be great for a small space too! Use decorative storage baskets and containers to keep everything organized up there! Check out how to set yours up here.

16. DIY non-toxic tub scrub. Get the recipe here.

17. Find out how to make homemade grout cleaner for tile showers. Get the details here.


18. How to store matching sheets together. They are easy to grab when you are making the bed and you won’t be left searching for pieces to the set. Martha Stewart shares the details here.

19. Do you have a pile of old towels that have a mildew smell but don’t want to throw them out yet? You can clean them! Learn how to wash those towels and make them smell brand new here.


25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to

20. This isn’t just a spring cleaning hack, but it won’t hurt to this cleaning ritual now! Find out how to clean legos here.

21. Tips on how to clean those stuffed animals that probably can’t go in the washing machine. Check them out here.


22. Cleaning your ceiling fans has never been easier. Check out this cleaning hack here.

23. Once you are finished ironing that pile of clothes, why not clean the iron itself? Check out how to do that here.

24. Did you know that your pillows will yellow from sweat? Find out how to wash and whiten those dirty pillows here.

25. Learn how to fix scratches on furniture that has taken a beating. Whether it’s from wear and tear, the kids, or even pets, you can fix that up with a homemade remedy here.

26. Try this non-toxic “goo gone” recipe for all of your sticky, gunk remover needs! Check it out here.

25 plus spring cleaning hacks for your home DIY how to


  1. Excellent Hacks thanks for sharing going to try the Vinegar on my shower head tonight!


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