Avengers Party Ideas

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! You will love all these creative and awesome Avengers party ideas! From food to decorations, activities, costumes, favors and more – this Avengers Party has tons of inspiration for your own event! This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Avengers Party ideas


happy birthday to my little man! well…. to be honest it’s a bit early… we celebrated this week for a few reasons – his birthday is in the summer so it’s always CRAZY hot and half his friends can’t be there because of summer vacations and such. plus, he was really set on a superhero Avengers Party and with the new Age of Ultron movie coming out on May 1 – there are TONS of Avengers party supplies, costumes, favors, and gifts at Target. it made party planning a one-stop shopping experience and i’m alllllll for that!

i think it is safe to say that i’m obsessed with making creative party food and i had lots of fun ideas for an Avengers party. patton doesn’t really know all the characters – just captain america, hulk, thor, and iron man (his favorite) so i stuck mainly to those throughout the party food, decor, and activities. there were lots of DIY elements – the food, activities, & thor’s costume will all get follow up posts with more specifics so you can re-create this yourself. i didn’t want to include those here because as you all know – i take just a FEW pictures at my kid’s parties lol

Avengers Birthday Party Ideas


i wanted to try and represent each of the main characters through the food, but still try and provide some healthy options. i settled on two ‘healthier’ snacks and a few ‘sweets’ for the kids. it’s no secret that i love Auntie Bea’s Bakery so she was the first person i called to place an order for sugar cookies – and they turned out AMAZING! isn’t she so talented?! i served hulk pudding cups (vanilla pudding with green food coloring, smashed oreos, and sharpie faces on the cups) and captain america jello cups (dairy free – the white is actually coconut jello – tutorial coming soon) and jelly belly beans as the other sweets on the table. iron man was represented by the red and yellow fruit kabobs while thor was represented by cheese & pretzel hammers!

Avengers Decorated sugar cookies - Avengers Party Iron Man party food - Avengers Party Captain America Jello - Avengers party food ideas Thor Hammer Party Food - Avengers Party Ideas Thor Hammer Party food - Avengers Party Hulk pudding cups - Avengers Party


the banner, plates, napkins, favor box stuffers, paper masks, and other decorations were all from Target – they have a great selection of supply options and i loved that i could pick up everything for this party from there!

Avengers Party - food, favors, decorations and more

Avengers Party Ideas!


friends came dressed as their favorite avengers character or used some of the dress up costumes i provided. all of these costumes can be found at Target with the exception of the thor cape/shirt that we made – DIY coming soon.  we took some fun superhero pictures which i recommend doing at your party! it is a great memory for your kids but it is ALSO really great to print pictures to put in your thank you cards!

we played a captain america party game using the Avengers ‘star’ shooting shield and a hula hoop. each avenger had the opportunity to try and shoot the ‘star’ through the hula hoop held a few feet away. this can be done indoors or outdoors – we actually moved indoors after the star took an unexpected flight over the fence lol. eventually the kids got so good at it we made it a moving target!

their favorite activity was definitely the ‘hulk smash’ game! using the big hulk hands, the kids were able to smash ice cream cones!! i HIGHLY recommend doing this OUTSIDE… even patton (who was the youngest) sent pieces of ice cream cone flying up to 5 feet away! they loved it! the ice cream cones are very inexpensive so this was a lot of bang for our buck! aubrey was thor so she used the hammer to smash the ice cream cones on her turn. it worked just as well so i recommend offering both the hulk hands or the hammer to your guests – even have a competition to see who would win – thor or hulk!

Avengers party costumes

Avengers Party IdeasAvengers Captain America Party Game Hulk Smash party game for kidsThor smash party game idea


for party favors i enlisted the help of the fabulously talented Piggy Bank Parties (no one makes better favor boxes! they are amazing!!) for these thor hammer favor boxes! Target had great favor box stuffers– erasers, toys, rulers ect so i just added some Jelly Belly beans. they also each got to take home a rainbow loom bracelet that corresponded with their favorite Avengers character.

Avengers Favor boxes and party favors Thor hammer favor box and favor ideas

Avengers Party Ideas - rainbow loom bracelet favors

Avengers party gifts

Avengers Party Ideas


all avengers costumes, decorations, party supplies, and toys – Target

avengers cookies – auntie bea’s bakery

thor hammer favor boxes – piggy bank parties

jelly beans – jelly belly

This post is sponsored by Target.


  1. SO fun! My son would love this!

    • It was such a fun party! And everything was really easy to pull together! That is the best kind of party to me lol!

  2. What an awesome fun party! LOVE the Thor pretzels and the Hulk cups!!! What great ideas!

  3. Oh my, how cute!!! I love how target is stepping up their game when it comes to parties and DIYers!

  4. Tiffany Zabel says:

    Love this! And I love how Aubrey was Thor…super cute!

  5. LOVE this. everything looks super easy to put together, yet amazing and authentic in thought! definitely saving this party idea for my son

  6. Alissa Dowdy says:

    Looks like Patton had a great party! I will show this to my sister…I am sure she has plenty Avengers in her future! :)

    • He had such a great time! We missed you guys though!! Can’t wait to see you back here in CA soon! xo

  7. This is SO cute! My daughter Reese has just discovered these super heros and is now obsessed with them. And possibly wants her October party to be in a super hero theme, so I’m loving your inspiration today!! Way to go Target!

    • Natalie – I’m so glad you stopped by! It was such a fun party! My daughter really wanted to be Thor and the feminist in me was SO EXCITED lol!

  8. Aw this is so adorable! I love the Thor hammer!

  9. Mindy this is adorable and looks like a ton of fun for boys! Great ideas! !!!

  10. Hi dear! Can you let me know how did you make the captain America dessert?
    Is it jelly cheese cake? ☻

    • It is layered jello! The red is cherry jello, the blue is berry blue jello, and the white is coconut milk with gelatin and sugar. I should have a tutorial up soon!

  11. How fun!! Every detail is perfection!


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