How to make a Gold Foil Art Print – DIY Tutorial

Ever wonder how to make a gold foil art print? They are super trendy right now in home & office decor! This gold foil art print ‘Blog like a Boss’ was made with a free printable design I created and my new Anna Griffin Minc machine. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Free Blog Like a Boss Art Print

i used my new anna griffin minc machine to create this adorable gold foil desk art print! i have wanted to try this foil transfer machine since i first heard it’s announcement on anna’s blog. i am OBSESSED with gold foil art prints – they are super trendy right now in home decor. i have been wanting a pretty art print for my desk and decided to design a few different options to inspire me when i’m working! all of these art prints can be downloaded from this post!

the machine i received came with a bundle of foil, glitter foil, transfer sheets, and really beautiful transfer designs. i knew that i wanted to make an art print, so while i didn’t use the transfer designs on this project i will definitely use them in the future. while all this retails for over $150 – anna will be on HSN monday may 11 beginning at midnight and you can get this package for a fraction of the retail price on that day only. so if this is on your craft wish list (and it NEEDS to be!) that is a great time to buy. there will be a limited amount and they are expected to go FAST so i recommend ordering early! i like this machine because its lightweight, compact, can do projects up to 6″ and really gives even heat & pressure for a quality result. if you are a scrapbooker – this will be your new best friend. it’s also great for cards & tags -i can’t WAIT to make my holiday tags using it… won’t that be so pretty?

Anna Griffin Minc Machine

your machine will come with all the instructions so be sure to read them carefully but i’ll give you a run down of the basics here in this post. first, get your art print. i created these three in two different ways – by hand and on the computer.

Free Art Prints for Gold foil DIY

for the ‘blog like a boss’ and ‘be happy. be creative. be you’ prints i made these easily on picmonkey. what i love about this online program is that it’s free (unless you use the premium features) and you don’t need ANY graphic design or photoshop knowledge. just add text, play with the sizes, and print. for the other quote i just used a sharpie and wrote it by hand. but HERE IS THE KEY — you MUST print/copy these using a LASER PRINTER. if you don’t have one you can go to a copy center and print these. the toner is what grabs the foil in the transfer so it is necessary to do it with a laser printer.

i printed these adjusted to the size of my frame (it had about a 5×6 opening) using my laser printer and copied the handwritten one using my laser printer as well. print these on the actually paper you want for the final product – i used card stock.



Minc Steps DIY tutorial Gold Foil Art Print

slide your printed art print in-between the clear transfer protector, choose your foil color and cut it slightly larger than the text of your print. it must cover all the toner. then run this through your minc machine seam side first. once cooled, peel back your foil to reveal your gold foil art print! isn’t it pretty?!!! i LOVE it!  it looks so nice on my desk! the others are hanging on my wall in my office in smaller frames!

again be sure not to miss the HSN sale monday may 11 at midnight – you will get a heck of a deal!

Free Blog Like a Boss Art Print

 happy crafting! i hope you enjoy your beautiful print and it inspires your creativity!


How to make a gold foil art print - tutorial


  1. I purchased the Heidi Swapp Minc machine a couple weeks back! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You can find the foils at Joanne’s on sale for $5.99 in a large assortment of colors. I’ve yet to buy the foils full price! Have fun with this! If you are good with Illustrator or Photoshop, your never have to buy premade embellishments!

    • I have already used all the foil that came with the machine so thanks for the tip on where to get more!!! #foilallthethings lol! I love the projects you have made with yours so far!

  2. that is sheer awesomeness!!! I want one.

  3. Hi, Great Blog and ideas! What thickness card-stock did you use? I notice that my MINC doesn’t seem to work as well with thick card.

    • Karen – I actually just used regular computer paper for this. I knew it was going in a frame so it would have the structural support and wouldn’t need to be on card stock

  4. Hello,
    I tried your technique, it’s great, but I can not get something perfect, there are some places where the gold foil does not take. Do you have an idea why ? What is the temperature of your laminator ? Or it doesn’t work with tinny texts ?
    Help please !!!