Strawberry ‘Yogurt’ Bowl – Dairy Free Yogurt Breakfast!

Strawberry Yogurt Bowl - Dairy Free!!!

it’s no secret that i loooove Silk dairy free yogurt alternative. i use them in all of my vegan muffin recipes and smoothies. if you are new around here i should tell you that my son has multiple food allergies- the most severe of which is dairy. we have searched high and low for yogurt alternatives and i was over the moon when i heard that Silk was coming out with a line in various flavors that would be carried by major grocery stores (aka no separate trips to the specialty stores and no insane pricing!)… my son loves them and they are a staple in our dairy free household.

with the hustle and bustle of school each morning, i don’t always have time for a smoothie (let alone homemade muffins lol) so today we decided to dress up our Silk Yogurt alternative with some fun toppings – it made us feel fancy and the kids love the fun presentation! i jazzed theirs up in a bowl with pretty sliced strawberries, but truth be told i had mine right out of the container while i packed lunches in the kitchen… #momlife

we topped it with toasted coconut, almonds (we skipped this for my son’s bowl of course), dairy free chocolate chips,
and sliced strawberries over Silk’s strawberry flavor. it was so good! i love the added texture. pretty sure this will become a weekly tradition…  top it tuesday!

Silk Dairy Free Yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt bowl with toppings

Dairy Free Yogurt Options Strawberry Yogurt Bowl - Dairy Free

wether you are full-time-dairy-free or not – this is really delicious! my kids loved the fun presentation and gobbled it right up. use this coupon and give Silk dairy free yogurt alternative a try!

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