SURPRISE! We are EXPECTING! Questions, videos, and gender reveal!


this is a post that i have dreamed about for 2 1/2 years… one that i wasn’t sure would ever come to pass. we are incredibly excited to announce that we are EXPECTING!! for those of you who i am friends with on Facebook or follow me on instagram you already know this… but for those who DON’T know … here is a fun video to get you caught up…

Gender Reveal from Darin Reyes on Vimeo.

SURPRISE!!!!! HA! i bet you didn’t see that one coming!!! 

it has been a challenging 2.5 years for my hubby and i as we have struggled through fertility treatments (medicine, IUIs, IVF w/ICSI), surgery, hope and despair, insane medicine & hormones & medical bills, emotional ups and downs, and complications. we have been private about our journey because it was such an emotionally charged time in our lives (and also because this is a creative party & food blog lol) but i felt it was time to share with you all! that is why things have been pretty quiet around here! we have truly felt God’s love sustain us, the uplifting power of prayers by friends and family, and our faith increase through this journey. we feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to welcome the triplet bundle of joy into our family! the kids are are already being so sweet i can’t wait to see what wonderful and helpful older siblings they will be!

i am currently almost 16 weeks along and finally over the morning sickness phase – it was HORRIBLE. because i have two placentas (one for the boys and one for the girl) that means 2x the sickness. between some meds and family help i was able to make it through.


over the last few days since our announcement, i have been getting a LOT of questions. i figured i would answers some of them here to make it easier….


no – we got pregnant with IVF (&ICSI) after 2 1/2 years of fertility treatments of all sorts. we used fertility meds for both of our previous pregnancies, but our situation was degenerative and those were no longer working this time around. my IVF egg harvest was riddled with complications and we had to wait 2 months and do an FET (frozen embryo transfer). after much prayer and fasting, we felt extremely impressed to transfer 2 embryos and did so on Sept 17th – our 11 year wedding anniversary!

i had a positive pregnancy test at 5 weeks but did not know it was three until my 7 week appointment – which my hubby could not go to!! i totally got this news on my own lol! i remember joking with him that ‘if it’s triplets i will be so mad you are not there to keep me sane!’ i had to call him at work to tell him the news! he was in between patients and only had a quick minute to chat too… i’m pretty sure he spent the rest of the day in TOTAL shock – good thing he was not in the OR that day!

with 2 embryos we were given about equal odds that it wouldn’t take, one would take, or both would take… they mentioned that 3% have one embryo split, but the odds were so low it wasn’t really on our radar. what’s more is that of that 3% only 1% is when all three survive. it is very common for the initial ultrasound to show 3 only to have one or more absorbed by the next ultrasound. so while we got the news that there were three, we were not sure they would all survive to the 10 week appointment… but the DID!


because we transferred 2 embryos and resulted in 3 babies – we knew two would be identical and share a placenta. the boys are identical and the girl is fraternal.


pretty much every emotion in the book. excited, overwhelmed, exhausted, blessed… a lot of emotions. the good thing is that i’m almost at week 16 and the morning sickness has subsided. as i said before, because i have two placentas (one for the boys and one for the girl) that means 2x the sickness. i finally have an appetite again, which is good news because eating for triplets is a FULL TIME JOB! i am also pretty overwhelmed with the complications i’m facing, which i will get to in a bit.


the dietary recommendations for triplet pregnancies are just outright INSANE. with a singleton pregnancy, women brag about how fit they were and how little they gained – in the multiples world it’s alllll about weight gain. in nutshell – the more i gain, the bigger my babies will be, and the healthier and safer they will be. premature birth and low birth weight are my biggest enemies, so i need to take in a crazy amount of calories to offset that. exercise is limited to walking and leisurely swimming so i don’t burn calories and so that i don’t risk early delivery.

my ideal calorie intake each day is 4000 – with 250g of protein. that is HARD!!! as my belly expands it will become increasingly difficult to eat large amounts so everything has to be concentrated calories. it’s the exact OPPOSITE of everything i have ever done to stay fit. greek yogurt, cheese, whole milk, eggs, meat, and good quality ice cream are my go-to snacks and meals. i also take large numbers of supplements to help with the high nutrient demand for growing 3 – a typical prenatal vitamin isn’t cutting it.

with all the puking i did the last 15 weeks, i am already behind since i have only gained 5lbs. i’m working hard to change that and my overall goal is 50-60 lbs. with my singleton pregnancies i was at about 30lbs so i think this is a reasonable goal.


the average gestation for triplets is 32 weeks – and that is my personal goal. in California, 24 weeks is considered the earliest viable gestation. my drs will NOT let me go past 35 weeks so i can reasonably expect them to be born sometime in april (that puts me in the 30-35wk range). i will deliver in sacramento where they have the highest risk NICU – the hospital is brand new so i have heard the facility is amazing. i love my high risk drs in sacramento – they are wonderful.


about two weeks ago i was showing early signs of a VERY serious complication – Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome – TTTS. because the boys share a placenta, they may not share it equally. this is called Unequal Placental Sharing – UPS. this alone is dangerous and will result in one larger twin and one smaller twin and can cause lots of problems. the only treatment is delivery, so if the small twin is at risk and i’m not in delivery range, this will be very complicated and emotionally devastating as the prognosis is not good. if i am in delivery range, the drs will weigh the risk of preterm delivery vs the risk to the smaller baby boy.

TTTS is similar except that the only treatment is surgery. this is when the UPS is so severe and the artery -vein connections that connect the babies in the placenta becomes quickly a deadly situation for both babies. the treatment is embryonic surgery – they go in with a scope and laser the placenta in two, splitting the identical boys and giving each of them their own half of the placenta. the survival rates are 80% for one twin and 60% for both. but without surgery, they will not survive.

other than these two conditions, which i am being monitored for with ultrasounds once or twice a week, my biggest complication will be preterm delivery.


well you have probably noticed this is my first blog entry in a LONG time. between the IVF treatments this summer and the morning sickness – i just has been too much. i have turned the corner on the sickness and hopefully will blog as the pregnancy continues and give updates on the babies once they are born – who doesn’t want a glimpse into this CRAZY world?! so i guess the answer to that is – we’ll see.


i have been so overwhelmed by the love and well wishes from those around us. prayers and positive thoughts for our babies would be so appreciated. for those who are local – don’t throw or give away those baby items just yet!!! i’ll need bouncers, swings, playmate, baby gates ext ext ect…. 3x the babies means LOTS of gear! and if you come across a good coupon for diapers or formula – send it my way!!


many of you commented that i didn’t look pregnant in the video so here is a recent pic! its from my phone so excuse the poor quality lol. i will try to post pics of my growing belly… it’s about to get HUGE! i can’t tell you how completely overwhelmed with love and support we feel already –

thank you!!!!!


  1. So happy for you and your family Mindy! Lots of prayers that the complications are minor from here on out.

  2. Congratulations! I’m excited for you & your family! Loved the video.