Triplets! Belly Pic & Babies Update

25 wk


it has been quite the ride this pregnancy… (ps if you have no idea what i’m talking about i recommend going back to this post where i announced our triplet pregnancy & gender reveal video) i’ll save you from all the details but these babies have given us a lot of scares! at 20 weeks we were finally cleared by the UCSF fetal treatment center for TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) which meant a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, and we no longer needed to be monitored every 2-3 days with ultrasounds. the results showed that the identical boys both had central cord placement on the placenta and were getting adequate blood flow and nutrients – this meant NO surgery!!!! the prognosis has looked good since then, with just a few scares from contractions and other symptoms – but each time i was sent home and have avoided hospital bed rest.


at my last appointment (24wks) the babies were given a growth scan so they can fairly accurately predict their current weights. growth scans are new to me – i never had them with my previous pregnancies. they are calculated by taking a number of measurements on each baby – head size, femur length, humorous length, parts of the brain, various organs and belly width. these appointments are about an hour and a half of ultrasounds to get all the measurements! the past few ultrasounds have also show that all three have great fluid levels, present bladders (this is a key determinant in ensuring we still don’t have TTTS) strong heartbeats and are growing right on schedule! we feel so blessed!

Baby A (Identical boy) – 1lb 7oz

Baby B (Identical boy) – 1lb 12oz

Baby C (fraternal girl) – 1lb 9oz

compared to all other babies (not just for triplet pregnancies- but ALL babies at this gestation) they fall into the following percentiles for growth: baby A – 28%, baby B – 74%, and baby C – 46%


in general my body is holding up okay : blood pressure is good, i passed my gestational diabetes test, don’t have much swelling yet, and my weight gain is acceptable. personally, i would have liked to have gained about 10lbs more by this point, but i am happy (and the drs are too) with the 25lbs so far. i’m on modified bed rest which means resting at home as MUCH as possible. i limit my daily outings to about once a day and even that is exhausting. i have the pregnancy ‘waddle’ going on and get contractions if i walk too much, stand too long, or sit in one place too long. sleeping comfortably has been out of the question for a few weeks now…. in fact being comfortable at ALL is a thing of the past. at this point, i’m physically where i was when i delivered my other kids – about 7lbs of baby & placenta & fluid, so everything from this point out is uncharted territory which is absolutely terrifying!!! i can’t imagine getting any bigger – but i KNOW it’s coming!

despite all of this, i am more hopeful than ever. i can’t believe that we have made it to this point with three healthy babies after all of the scares! i’m so thankful for my incredible friends and family who have brought meals, helped with my kids, and have been praying for us! it has meant the world to us!

just for fun, here are a few other pregnancy pictures for comparison with my other singleton pregnancies compared to this triplet pregnancy!

20 week comparison full term comparison


  1. I’ve been watching for an update, so I’m excited to see/hear all this! Awesome news! Just keep resting! Love you!

  2. Congratulations 1000 times!!!! You look amazing and I hope you feel like that too. Congratulations to all the family, what a great joy is coming your way, bravo!!!!!

  3. So glad things are going well! So exciting!

  4. Wow! Super congrats and best wishes :)