Newborns to One Year Olds

i was looking back through the triplet’s newborn photos the other day and realized that i had BIG plans for their monthly photos… individual pictures with certain stuffed animals, on certain blankets, and with cute blocks saying how old they were, pictures of just the boys, pictures of all three and any other combination you can think of under the sun. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? i have TRIPLETS! needless to say life kicked out butts into reality and what actually happened is just one photo of all three once a month (you can see them all on my instagram and i’ll post them all together soon)

anyways, i thought it would be fun to recreate some of those photos with my now one year olds and compare them side by side to see how much they have grown and it was SO MUCH FUN! i seriously loooooove these comparisons! the babies came home from the NICU at about 1 month old so here are their one month and one year comparisons!


Annie 0-1 blog Annie 0-1 blog 2


Mitchell NB-1 blog 2 Mitchell NB-1 blog


Bradley nb-1 blog Bradley NB-1 blog 2

so these photos were REALLY hard to take and edit. when the babies were newborns i was a mess figuring out how to manage three so i have no idea how i took all these photos lol. now that they are one year olds it was insane to try and get them to stay still long enough on their backs and look at me (let alone smile!) to snap a picture of them that was similar! i have a million hilarious (and super frustrating) outtakes. not to mention searching out these blankets, finding white onesies that fit, trying to match the lighting and the size of the blocks/animals so that it could be as direct of a comparison as possible!

despite it being a lot of work – it is SO so much fun for me to see the final comparison! while i’ve made fun of myself many times for the photo plans i had for these babies when they were newborns, i’m sure glad i took those pictures so i could do this project!  now i’m off to snuggle my crazy one year olds and take a nap because this was exhausting lol!