One Year Old Triplets- Portraits and Milestones

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the triplets are ONE!

we survived the first year!

as evidenced by the last time i posted (when i was pregnant with them) life has been BUSY! i’ll have a few different posts to commemorate this moment – their birthday party, cake smash, a look back at their early days, month to month photos to see how much they have grown, a recap of the crazy year we had on top of having triplets, and today’s post – individual photos and updates on their current milestones!

with three little ones it is hard to remember to get out the real camera…most photos of their first year are on my phone and in the moment – which has beautiful merit capturing the wild and crazy year that it has been- but today i wanted to get something different. i really wanted images that would capture them individually in this fleeting moment at exactly one year old when everything is changing so quickly. they are so often put together as ‘the triplets’ but they are unique and individual and have been since the second they were born.

they are 12 months old, but as many of you know- they were premature. so we often refer to their ‘adjusted age’ for milestones. since they were born about 2 months early we subtract that from their actual age, so they should be on track with 10 month olds right now for development. most premies are expected to catch up to their actual age developmentally by 24 months, but many do it before then. the triplets have already caught up in almost all areas and we are so proud of the progress they have made!

here is a little about each of them!


Mitchell 1Mitchell 3Mitchell 2 Mitchell 4

12 month stats:
weight – 19lbs 8oz (6% actual, 15% adjusted)
height – 27.8in (0% actual, 10% adjusted)
head – 47.5cm (77% actual, 87% adjusted)

our sweet baby ‘a’ – the oldest & first born of the triplets and for the first time the biggest of the three – Mitchell is such an easy going, talkative, do-things-at-his-own-pace little boy. he was the first to say ‘mama’ and the first to make me feel like he wasn’t just making sounds but actually asking for me! he has the widest vocabulary and variance of sounds and loves to babble but usually is saying mama or dada. the kids called him ‘mitchell pickle’ and somehow this stuck as his nickname lol. up until just a few days ago he would stand and balance but was unsure about taking steps. all of that has changed quickly and he is now taking 5-6 steps at a time and rebalancing himself as he goes! his favorite game is to sit in front of you and fall backwards into your lap and laugh – it is so adorable. he waves by outstretching his arm toward you and opening and closing his hand but doesn’t often clap. he has 4 teeth on bottom and just in the last few days all 4 top teeth popped through as well! he LOVES to eat – which is probably the reason he is officially the biggest of the three now! he is not very picky and will pretty much eat anything put in front of him as fast as possible shoving in handfulls at a time. we are training with sippy cups at meal time and he is not a big fan of milk but loves to grab the straw, bite it, take a big swig, and then let it dribble down his chin onto his bib while smiling! like his siblings he is over the moon excited when dad comes home and loves to stand at the gate observing (sometimes not so quietly) anything happening in the other rooms. at the park he is the first to scramble off the blanket to explore and always wanders the furthest. when he is falling asleep he doesn’t want a blanket or stuffed animal – but he has to tuck the ribbon chain on his pacifier next to his mouth so it is against his cheek. at first i thought it was an accident and kept removing it because i thought it was just twisted and stuck – but he would promptly tuck it back in! it is just such a funny quirky thing and i always want to remember it. he was definitely the easiest to take pictures of and it was hard to choose my favorites! he is so incredibly sweet and we love him so much!


Bradley 1 Bradley 2Bradley 4 Bradley 3

12 month stats:
weight – 19lbs 6oz (5% actual, 13% adjusted)
height – 27.8in (0% actual, 10% adjusted)
head – 48.5cm (92% actual, 97% adjusted)

baby ‘b’ gave us quite the scare while in the womb but quickly showed us he was a fighter in the NICU! Bradley was the off cpap within hours of being born, loved to eat, and grew quickly… and hasn’t slowed down! while Mitchell may have just passed him by 2oz, Bradley still holds the title for the largest head-which is in the 97th percentile… this also explains why he often has bruises on his forehead as he is a bit top heavy! he also loves to eat but usually takes his time. he was the first to master the sippy cup and enjoys milk. at 12 months he says mama, dada, and a few other sounds but he LOVES to growl! somehow his nickname became ‘brad-brad’ over time, but he responds to this and Bradley. he was a bit timid to walk at first but now is very steady and walking all the time. he can’t stand up in the middle of the room, but uses toys and furniture and people to stand up and then quickly is on the go to another place to hold on. as soon as he gets there he looks back and me with a huge proud smile! he has 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom), doesn’t often wave, but loves to clap for others and himself. while i never have a difficult time telling the boys apart (this was one of my biggest fears about having identical boys), some of the easy ways are that his hair is shorter and parts to left, and he has small red birthmarks on his chin. i love that these pictures capture him so well – he is either clapping and laughing and making goofy faces – or completely stoic! it is very entertaining. he takes the longest to warm up to strangers and is definitely a mama’s boy. when his nap is approaching he won’t leave my lap but just sits, cuddles, and gives me lots of hugs. when he finally goes down to sleep he wants a specific animal blanket but won’t snuggle with it – just plays with it until he falls asleep. we prayed for all three babies while i was pregnant, but Bradley was particularly a concern as the doctors suspected he was a donor baby with twin to twin transfusion syndrome (you can read about that here and here) . i have always felt a special connection to him as i have pondered his place in our family and am grateful for the lessons he taught me even before the moment we met. we are so lucky to have him in our family!


Annie 1 Annie 2 Annie 3 Annie 4

12 month stats:
weight – 18lbs 5oz (8% actual, 19% adjusted)
height – 27.4in (6% actual, 18% adjusted)
head – 43.8cm (14% actual, 25% adjusted)

our little baby ‘c’ came into this world with a feisty scream and a sassy quirky attitude and that has not changed a bit! Annie may have been the biggest at birth (by 3oz) but was quickly surpassed by her brothers and has only recently closed the usual 2lb gap down to 1lb. she is itty-bitty in size but definitely rules the roost in the playroom! she was the first to stand, the first to walk, and now the first to run! taking pictures of her was hilarious – as soon as i would set her down i would have to sprint backwards (7 months pregnant mind you) to try and catch her before she ran past me! she is the earliest of all my babies to walk (officially walking at 11.5mo actual, 9.5mo adjusted). she is always on the go and always looking for something to get into. she is mischievous and loves it. if i call for her or say no it only makes her move faster. the toy she wants is almost always the toy the boys are holding and she will scream at the top of her lungs if they do not give it up. generally, the boys don’t put up much a fight (they are pretty easy going) and she strolls off with her prize! when she is not screaming, she is super smiley and laughing and is the easiest for strangers to get a smile from. she is super social and loves to wave and clap. she babbles with a sweet sing-song voice, says dada more than mama, and we still call her ‘annie bannanie’. she has a good appetite but is a bit pickier than the boys, generally takes her time, and enjoys milk the most of the three. she finally got teeth this month and now was two little ones poking through on the bottom. she loves stuffed animals and snuggles so sweetly with them. every time i lay her down to sleep she cuddles with her little blanket in one arm and her stuffed piggy-bear in her other arm which just melts my heart! she certainly keeps us all on our toes and we love that she has so much personality! i can’t imagine our family without her!


A TYPICAL DAY with 12 month old triplets 

the babies are sleeping through the night (i’m soaking up every second of this before #6 is born!) but wake up around 6:30am. they eat breakfast, play, eat a bottle, nap from 10-12, eat lunch, play, eat a bottle, nap from 3-5, eat dinner, play, eat a bottle, and go to bed around 7:30. it is exhausting, but i love that they have a predictable schedule. the kids keep us busy in the evenings with sports and activities and that combined with my due date looming, we are excited to have a full time live-in nanny with our family now! she is wonderful and the babies and kids love her! our dining room was converted with gates to a fully baby-proof space where they usually hang out, but if there are enough eyes to watch them we let them roam free in the downstairs and they LOVE the freedom to explore! they eat WAY more food than i anticipated these days, so while our formula spending is decreasing our food spending is so much higher than ever. they are also starting to have whole milk in sippy cups with meals and mixed with formula in their bottles so we should be done with formula in the next month! they all still love their pacifiers but we try to restrict them to nap/bedtime – in part because they steal them from each other…even if they have one in their mouth! their favorite toys are the play kitchen (dumping out all the drawers and opening the cabinets), walking push toys & cars (Annie likes to sit on them and the boys push her around), crawling through their pop up tunnel, pushing any buttons that result in loud songs and noises, tearing up the letter floor mats, magna tiles, and snuggling in the big pile of stuffed animals.  they play individually but also interact with each other – which varies from toy stealing, hair pulling, and wrestling to hugs and laughing.

it has been such an amazing journey raising these sweet triplets this last year! we are so grateful for the friends and family that have been here to help us survive!

we can’t wait to see what year two has in store!!!