Pink, Teal, Macaron, & Heart Themed Girls Room Ideas

 This year for my daughters birthday I bent the rules a bit. I have always said that Aubrey would be allowed sleepovers when she was ten…but when her best friend (named Aubrey too!) was moving across the country shortly after her 6th birthday, I wanted something special that they could always remember together. Neither of them had ever had a sleepover before, and they were absolutely giddy over … [Read more...]

Aubrey is 6! Pink & Gold Macaron Party

my daughter turned 6! six wonderful years have passed with this little ball of energy and we could not be more proud the the little girl she has become. to celebrate, we had a small group of girls over for some sweets and fun, but we also did a 'big girl' makeover in her room! all inspired by The Land of Nod confectionary bedding, her room and birthday party were filled with macarons and pops of … [Read more...]

Cue the Confetti!!! Modern & Bright Birthday Party

You will love this modern and bright birthday party! There are so many details to see! You can't go wrong with black, white, and gold - but I LOVE the unexpected pairing with teal and pink!  Even though this is a party for a special 5 year old, it would be amazing for any age! I mean who doesn't love confetti and sprinkles?!  Jo of Cake Poppin did an great job and brought it all together with … [Read more...]

Splatter Paint Party for Kids

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate summer than two of kids' most favorite activities- Painting and Splashing!  Summer is a time to make a mess, be carefree, and have fun.  Juicy Juice can help with all of that!  Britni of Play. Party. Pin. decided to throw a bash to celebrate summer for all the little kids she knows and this party came out a total Splash, literally!  I love how she made a … [Read more...]

Confetti Party!

Get out of the box, break away from the norm and throw yourself a fabulous party!  We only live once, right?  If there is something you love, turn it into a party- such as favorite colors or activities!  Adults deserve parties too, they're not just for kids!  Miriam of Miriam Corona Events did just that- she incorporated her love of gold, black and white and confetti for her own party!  The … [Read more...]

{Party} Nautical Lobster Party

my little man is FOUR! what?! how did this happen? i swear i was just swaddling him... when did he turn into this little guy with personality and opinions? its NO secret that he has an obsession with lobsters and crabs. need evidence? here, here, and here. people will probably look at this party and think 'what 4 year old wants a nautical party with lobsters? she probably picked that theme … [Read more...]

{party} Wizard of Oz Party

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road!  Serena of Mammarella's Sweets & Treats designed the incredibly magical dessert table for two little girls, Mia and Ava.  The table was filled with gorgeous sweets that depicted the characters and scenery, from the yellow brick road to the shimmering Emerald City, to the beautiful rainbow in the sky!  I absolutely love the different … [Read more...]

{party} Girly Pink Firefighter Party

How do you make a firefighter theme girly?  Get rid of the red, orange, and yellow- then add PINK, of course!  Make it ALL pink, the helmets, fire hydrants, fire trucks, and even the dog biscuits!  There you have it! A girly pink firefighter party!!  Even the macarons are pink, donned with black flames on them! I think the world would be a happier and prettier place if we could add pink here and … [Read more...]

{party} Sweet Shoppe Party Birthday

it is hard not to feel happy when surrounded by candy right?!  a colorful sweet shoppe party is the perfect party for a little sweetie. what child wouldn’t want a party full of lollipops, bubblegum, and birthday cake? Shauna from Cupcake With Character wanted to throw the sweetest and colorful party for her little girl and she did not leave out anything!  she has an amazing list of vendors who … [Read more...]

{PARTIES by Creative Juice} mad science party

MAD SCIENCE PARTY my little guy turned 2! i can't even believe it. for his birthday we hosted a MAD SCIENTIST PARTY and i'm not going to lie - it was SO much fun! i submitted the party for the SPACESHIPS AND LASERBEAMS BOY BASH BUDGET CHALLENGE and used thier amazing mad science collection for the party now here's the thing. i didn't exactly stick within the challenge … [Read more...]

{MY PARTIES} english horseback riding party

{MY PARTIES} english horseback riding party this party was for a client whose daughter loved english horseback riding. i wish i had this party when i was a little girl! they even had a horse there to give rides around the community i probably should have stayed to see if i could fulfill my childhood dream... all the printables from this party can be found in  MY SHOP for only $15 i … [Read more...]

{TUTORIAL} bug party tutorials

{TUTORIAL} DIY tutorials from our BUG Party   our bug party was a huge hit! here are some of the tutorials from what i made!   FAVOR GUMMY STICKS - start by picking gummies within your theme-  {we picked bugs of course}   - be sure to pick up some ribbon gummies -  {another cute option i have found is bubble tape gum} {these make a cute base when you fold … [Read more...]