Aubrey is 6! Pink & Gold Macaron Party

my daughter turned 6! six wonderful years have passed with this little ball of energy and we could not be more proud the the little girl she has become. to celebrate, we had a small group of girls over for some sweets and fun, but we also did a 'big girl' makeover in her room! all inspired by The Land of Nod confectionary bedding, her room and birthday party were filled with macarons and pops of … [Read more...]

Warm Apple Cheddar Appetizer Dip for the Holidays

as most of you know, i currently live in california, but all of our family is back east in marlyand. the holidays, particularly thanksgiving, can be tough without family around! each year, i host thanksgiving for our friends in the area that are far from family as well. being in the military, this can be quite a large group! today i'll be sharing some tips for hosting a successful 'friendsgiving' … [Read more...]

For the love of Avocado

i looooove me some avocados! on salad, on tacos, on toast, in smoothies, on chips, and pretty much on every sandwich i eat. i can't seem to get enough! which is not a bad thing at all - avocados are super healthy for you! this avocado post is sponsored by Hass Avocado but all opinions are my own. first off. if you are an avid avocado consumer like me - then you need this tool. its the coolest! … [Read more...]

Fueling a better future: My little soccer girl!

This post is brought to you by got milk? Drink to a brighter future. my little soccer player! this year aubrey has surprised us with an amazing soccer season so far! i love when moms on the team ask 'has she played before?!'... yes. yes she has. let me tell you about it. she played last year and probably (i'm being generous here) touched the ball 5 times in all of the games combined. she spent … [Read more...]

TMNT Popsicles!

this post was created in connection with my appointment in the Popsicle® blogger program.visit to join in the conversation! so if you haven't noticed... we have been on a bit of a TMNT kick lately! my son is really in love with them! they got us through the first day of school & we had a TMNT back to school party - complete with ninja guacamole and apples. and … [Read more...]


' the ones who are crazy enough to think that they CAN change the world, are the ones who DO ' - steve jobs well steve. call me crazy. and lets get changing already! today i'm sharing with you about a fun & viral campaign happening RIGHT NOW that you can be a part of. a campaign to change the world! are you crazy enough to join us?! BE THE GOOD i have been challenged by and … [Read more...]

Southwest Quinoa Ranch Salad

quinoa. it took a while for me to come around to this little guy but now i'm a huge fan and use it all the time - like in my mango pulled pork tacos. quinoa is high in fiber, protein, and iron so its a nutritious addition to your diet. i whipped up this southwest quinoa ranch salad and took it to a recent park playdate - the moms all gave it the thumbs up! it is nutritious, easy, and yummy so i … [Read more...]

TMNT Party

this post is sponsored by Target but all opinions and photos are my own. cowabunga dude! it's TMNT time!! last week i posted about patton's first day of school - and like i said... i tend to roll with a theme... i anticipated that it would be an emotional and stressful day, so i planned a little party for him! something he could look forward to despite some of the school nerves he would be … [Read more...]

Rules for Being a Kid with Popsicle!

This post is part of my appointment as a Popsicle® ambassador but all opinions are my own. recently i posted about our fun summer pool party and how much fun we had poolside with Popsicle®! The summer 'Rules for being a kid' Guidebook is out and the ideas and activities inside are tons of fun! you can download the guidebook here - it has coloring pages, fun rules to read with your kids, games, … [Read more...]

Rio 2 Party Ideas & Family Movie Night!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® Pop Secret and Fox Entertainment, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #PopForRio2   spending time as a family has never been more memorable and important for us than this weekend. as most of you know, my hubby is currently working out of town with the military (like a … [Read more...]

Tri Training: Drink your protein

guys. i fell off the wagon. but don't worry. i got back on. remember when i trained for my half marathon? (you can read about that here with my healthy taco recipe) i was running allllll the time. i had great support and was so excited to be getting back in shape! i was eating healthy and working hard....and well... then the race ended. we ran a 10k about 3 weeks later but i was sort of … [Read more...]

DIY Modern & Bright Polka Dot Serving Tray Tutorial

this post is sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores but all photos, opinions, and ideas are copyright to summer is one of the  most inspiring times for me - the colors, flavors, and warmth make me want to lounge by the pool with a refreshing drink all day long and let my creative mind wander! i recently made a really fun serving tray that totally captures the summer … [Read more...]