Zappos Blogger Secret Gift Exchange

you guys! i just had the most fun experience! in partnership with Zappos, i had the opportunity to be paired with another blogger in a secret santa gift exchange! it was SO fun! Zappos is the best place to find gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season, so it is no surprise that i LOVED the gifts from my paired blogger - the adorable and totally stylish Kaelah from the clueless girl's … [Read more...]

Fueling a better future: My little soccer girl!

This post is brought to you by got milk? Drink to a brighter future. my little soccer player! this year aubrey has surprised us with an amazing soccer season so far! i love when moms on the team ask 'has she played before?!'... yes. yes she has. let me tell you about it. she played last year and probably (i'm being generous here) touched the ball 5 times in all of the games combined. she spent … [Read more...]

Life’s Good in the Kitchen with LG!

scientifically, the most memorable moments in your life are the ones that involve the most senses - which is why most of my fondest childhood memories come from my family kitchen. the sounds of laughter, pots, pans, and mixers. the smell of my moms cookies after school. the taste of her homemade cream of crab soup. peeling potatoes or shucking corn with my siblings. watching my mother and learning … [Read more...]

11 Summer Activities for Kids

who is ready for summer? ready for your kids to tell you every 5 seconds 'moooooooooom i'm booooored.'?!.... cause you KNOW its coming!  i'm gearing up for summer now by signing my kids up for Galileo Camp and hunting down clever and fun summer activities for kids that will have them using their bodies and their brains. this round up of ideas gets your kids thinking, gets them using their … [Read more...]

Three Cheers for Lucky Charms

every time my family gets together we bring out the old childhood embarrassing stories. my hubby always jokes that we have a rotating 10-15 stories that get re-told at every gathering and we all laugh like it was the first time we had ever heard it.... and he is right! its pretty much our favorite part of getting together. there was the time that my sister and i made a fort and ate a whole loaf of … [Read more...]

How To Get The Most Juice From Citrus Fruits

call me cheap, but am i the only one trying to squeeze every last drop from my limes, lemons, grapefruits, and oranges?!?! i use citrus all the time in recipes from my mango salsa to my key lime desserts, so i have picked up a few tricks to getting the most out of juicing my citrus by hand. now i should probably go out and buy a fancy thing like this juicer, but like i said... i'm cheap lol. and … [Read more...]

Calling all TV Show Fans!

its not secret around here that i am a big TV fan. remember this party for the season finale of 'the bachelor'. not to mention that my whole twitter feed is pretty much real housewives. and that i save up laundry all week long and turn monday night into laundry night just so i can have an excuse to plant myself in front of the tv!! my two sisters, my mom and i group text all the way through the … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

this post is all about pizza dough. easy homemade pizza dough. you know, there was a time when i never ever thought i would make bread. it was so intimidating to me. but there was also a time in college when i thought i would never be able to make chocolate chip cookies.... and now i could make french macarons in my sleep. so one day i decided i would just learn how to do this thing. i tested out … [Read more...]

Roasted Pepper Lasagna for Christmas

This Roasted Pepper Lasagna post for Christmas is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Barilla, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #JoytotheTable so this is the first time i have made lasagna. its the holidays so why not add a christmas tree right? this roasted pepper lasagna is so fun for christmas - your kids will … [Read more...]