New Years Party & Outfit Inspiration with HP Sprout

 this post is in partnership with HP Sprout but all opinions are my own. you will love this amazing new technology and i am so excited to introduce you to it. thank you for supporting the fabulous brands that make this blog possible! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i'll admit, i'm more of a new years homebody - but that doesn't stop me from dreaming up what i would want to sport that night (you know if my … [Read more...]

New Years Eve Photo Backdrop Ideas

Melissa here! Glad to be visiting again from The Sweet Escape and chatting about fun & easy New Years Eve photo backdrop ideas! So what's your opinion of New Years Eve? I find you're either on the love or hate side of the fence. For me I've always loved it and the anticipation of a new beginning but the way I've chosen to celebrate has definitely evolved over the years. The crazy downtown bar … [Read more...]