Disney Princess Party with Belle – Part 2

This post is sponsored by Target. More Princesses, More Sparkle: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Disney princesses at Target.  this is the second post! see the first half of the princess party here  PRINCESS PARTYWARE i started at Target since they have such a great array of Disney princess products - i was so happy to find pretty much everything i needed in one … [Read more...]

Disney Princess Party with Belle – Part One

This post is sponsored by Target. More Princesses, More Sparkle: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Disney princesses at Target.       this year my daughter has had the pleasure of making some of the sweetest new friends. as the school year is coming to a close, i wanted to take an opportunity to have them all over for a special party and let them (and their amazing moms) … [Read more...]

How to make a Layered Candy Filled Vase with Flowers

this post is part of my appointment as a Jelly Belly brand ambassador but all opinions and photos are my own. since mother's day is just around the corner, i thought it would be fun to show you how i make layered candy filled vases with flowers so you can upgrade your traditional flower vase easily and impress your moms! i'm sure you have seen these beautiful displays with a candy filled vase … [Read more...]

11 Summer Activities for Kids

who is ready for summer? ready for your kids to tell you every 5 seconds 'moooooooooom i'm booooored.'?!.... cause you KNOW its coming!  i'm gearing up for summer now by signing my kids up for Galileo Camp and hunting down clever and fun summer activities for kids that will have them using their bodies and their brains. this round up of ideas gets your kids thinking, gets them using their … [Read more...]

Three Cheers for Lucky Charms

every time my family gets together we bring out the old childhood embarrassing stories. my hubby always jokes that we have a rotating 10-15 stories that get re-told at every gathering and we all laugh like it was the first time we had ever heard it.... and he is right! its pretty much our favorite part of getting together. there was the time that my sister and i made a fort and ate a whole loaf of … [Read more...]

Learning to Swim with Ariel!

This post is sponsored by Target. More Princesses, More Sparkle: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Disney princesses at Target. my sweet little aubrey has been a handful since the day she was born. passionate, opinionated, sensitive, brave, fashion conscious, full of energy, and always on the go. i have always admired her inquisitive nature and willingness to try new … [Read more...]

National Jelly Bean Day!

happy national jelly bean day! my family and i LOVE Jelly Belly Candy Company and are celebrating today by eating lots of jelly beans and taking a trip to the factory for a tour! jelly belly has played quite a big role in my family's life the last few years. as many of you know, my son has lots serious allergies. often he is unable to eat treats that other kids are having at birthday parties and … [Read more...]

Easter Macarons!

happy easter! if you already have a copy of Gourmet French Macarons then these adorable easter macarons will be very familiar! there are over 75 unique macaron designs in my book and these are some of my favorite of the easter section! there are also carrot cake carrot shaped macrons, spring chick macarons, baby duck macarons, as well as the easter bunny macaron and the easter egg macarons! i love … [Read more...]

{fashion} 6 Perfect Spring Maxi Dresses for under $50

Spring is here and the weather is perfect to be outside! Who's excited for the beautiful weather? Well, if you're like me you'll do pretty much anything as long as it means you can be outside.  Brunch with the girls? A day at the park with the kids? What about a casual night out on the town or a nice dinner with the afternoon breeze? Sign me up.  And what better to pair any or all of these outings … [Read more...]

Key Lime Coconut Cheesecake Recipe

i have met some pretty amazing people along this blogging journey. unexpectedly, many have become dear friends. i didn't necessarily start my blog to make friends, but when friendships began to form at every turn, it made me appreciate this experience so much more.  one of those friends is the talented glory of glorious treats. she is the best. honest, straight forward, thoughtful, hilarious, and … [Read more...]

{trending tuesday} 10 Shelving Organization Ideas For Your Home

Can you believe it's April already? Does anyone else feel like they were shouting 'Happy New Year!' yesterday? Well, If you just shook your head yes and agreed, then let me ask you this - How are those New Years resolutions coming along? Don't feel ashamed if you have lost track of that long list of things you said you would accomplish, time gets away from us sometimes - I understand... let's talk … [Read more...]

Bento Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

bento lunch boxes. they are adorable and all over the web! i love the cute little containers and the creative ways i have found to make your kid's lunch time exciting, wholesome, and totally cute! i have been looking around for a bento lunch box for my kids, so when Laptop Lunches reached out to me to try their product i jumped at the chance. i loved the bright colors they used as well as their … [Read more...]